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Glass Dab Applicator Luer Lock Syringes w/ Measurements 2.25ML - 100 Count

Product code: GSLM2.25-LONG


These Glass Dab Applicator Syringes 2.25ML with an included Luer Lock cap uses advanced dab applicator technology to keep your syringes airtight; ensuring the freshness and quality of even some of your most sensitive concentrates are locked in. Molded with high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, each luer lock syringe is medical grade, ultra-hygienic, and easy to clean. These dab applicator syringes also disassemble into three separate pieces, making maintenance conveniently hassle-free and fast. It is the perfect item for any dispensary or concentrate aficionado looking for a simple, controlled, and cleaner way to dab. 

  • Size: 2.25ml 
  • 100 Count 
  • Material: Boroscilicate Glass 
  • Assembly: Three parts 
  • Luer lock cap included 
  • Heat resistant and airtight 
  • Medical grade and sterile packaged