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Move over metal screens – glass pipe screens are here to stay! These smoking pipe screens are leading the way as the new go-to for screens. Whether you use it as a bong screen or pipe screen, the glass screens will add overall bonuses to your smoking experience. Did we mention they are adorable? Typically glass screens come in a Flower style (five points that look like petals) or a Jack style (three points). They are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Let’s get into everything you need to know about these screens!

Glass pipe screens are a one of the most popular items among smoke shop and business owners due to the high profit margins generated from this item. Suggested retail suggested price is $1.00 per unit. Glass pipe screens are a healthier alternative to metal and brass pipe screens because the user is not inhaling the chemical byproduct produced by heating metal. This item is sold in boxes of 200 units per case at $20.00 per case. Making this a must have for most smoke shop and dispensary owners.

What are Pipe Screens?

A weed pipe screen filter helps keep bongs and pipes cleaner. They prevent resin buildup, enabling glass pieces to be cleaned easily. Ash will rest on the pipe screens, so the inside of the bowls are easier to clean and repack. Pipe screens also enhance the smoking experience by preventing clogging and pull-through; you can fully enjoy your cannabis without worrying about some of the inconveniences that not having a screen creates!

How to Use Pipe Screens

Luckily these glass pipe screens are easy to use! Let's go through step-by-step how to use them accurately, safely, and functionally.

  1. When picking up the chosen glass pipe screen, you need to make sure you hold it stem down and the broader part of the screen up.
  2. The next step is inserting the stem into the bowl's opening (at the bottom in the center of the bowl).
  3. Make sure that the top of the glass screen is lying as flat as the design allows at the bottom of the bowl.
  4. Let the smoking commence!

There are a couple of rules of thumb when using glass pipe screens; you have to handle the screens with gentleness. The glass pipe filter is durable, but anything will break when handled without care. Since it is glass, the last thing you will want is to have the glass cut yourself or fall through the bowl. A little gentleness will go a long way in using a pipe filter screen.

Benefits of Glass Pipe Screens

Where to even begin with all the fantastic benefits bowl screens provide? One of the essential advantages is glass screens are a more health-friendly option than metal screens. Glass bowl screens are made of natural materials. Customers do not inhale any chemicals that heated metal releases. Glass is simply healthier than metal. The health-conscious customer will choose small pipe screens made out of glass over metal every time.

One of the other beautiful benefits these glass screens for bongs and pipes provide is their sustainability. Glass screens are as reusable as pipe screens can get! Brass and metal screens are notoriously hard to reuse, and that problem is solved with glass screens. They are effortless to wash after use, and customers can reuse them to their heart's content; this saves the environment and money.

Glass screens for pipes and bongs are the perfect way to protect you from wasting weed. It prevents weed from falling into the chamber, so you can get as much as you can out of your marijuana!

Bowl screens that are glass also add positively to the overall smoking experience. As the flower in weed pipes or bongs is heated, the glass filter screen will also heat. While the screen keeps heat out of the chamber, it also heats the cannabis from the bottom. It allows the cannabis consumer to have a more flavorful experience and a more consistent burn for herb! The taste is also cleaner than metal; glass is flavorless and odorless, so you can genuinely enjoy the taste of your herb!

Glass Pipe Screens - The Bottom Line

Glass pipe screens are a go-to for smoke shops and dispensaries. They are cheap to order, and because the retail price is low, most customers buy several pipe screens at once. They are a must-have item to add to your smoking accessories inventory. Selling a weed bowl screen has a high-profit margin, increasing your business's bottom line. Glass pipe screens are perfect for personal and retail use.

All of the fantastic benefits and ease-of-use these screens provide are bursting onto the cannabis market, and rightly so. We encourage you to order from us here at Marijuana Packaging. We have a variety of colors, styles, and high-quality glass screens! You can buy in bulk and at wholesale prices and are sure to reap the rewards of purchasing these incredible glass screens. Why not increase business with our glass screens?

  • 200 units per case
  • Diameter (Widest): 7mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Compatible with: All 14mm & 18mm bowls without built-in bowl screen
  • Very high profit margin product


INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
John Rapp
Great replacement for metal screens

Works great. No inhaling metal fumes!


Nice product


only like one or two were broken which is amazing cuz they're so delicate!

Barbara Greiner
Just as described

Exactly what I ordered and quick delivery.

Denise Siriani. I give these guys 5 stars and would recommend them to everyone.
Glad pipes and screens

Great company. Thank you.

Nancy Hutton

I never knew they made screens for glass bowls I love these

Great little and big daisies

Great daisy, both big and small!

Michelle Riley

some were broken....but they are quite fragile. will buy again

Robert Christie

Great screens!

Mr Rogers
Glass screens

Works perfect.. use them regularly.