Pickle Rick Steamroller Hand Pipe w/ Multi Knockers

5.5in Long - Glass - Green

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Very few characters are as resourceful, indomitable, and intriguing as Pickle Rick. And this 5.5 inch Pickle Rick pipe exemplifies and pays tribute to that character. It's made from heat-resistant borosilicate for strength and durability. However, do not expect this Pickle Rick glass pipe to take over smaller animals to build an all-powerful exoskeleton.

Maybe the most unique of all our glass pipes, this Pickle Rick smoking accessory is modeled to look like a crunchy green pickle with Rick's maniacal shrieking face. A generously sized Pickle Rick bowl punctuates the middle of the glass steamroller.

The Pickle Rick pipe is compact and portable. The glass steamroller weed bowl is known for its durability—the single-chamber design made of thick borosilicate glass results in a robust and hard-to-break design. Also, the steamroller glass bowl pipe delivers powerful and heady hits that are likened to an actual steamroller powerfully flattening you into the couch.

When discussing glass pipes, "novelty" usually refers to originality, intricacy, and creativity in its design. "Heady" conjures images of bulky, complicated, colorful bongs. This 5.5 inch steamroller Pickle Rick smoking accessory is the best of both worlds – all of the appeal and creativity with none of the bulk or complications.

The Pickle Rick steamroller pipe is covered with a series of evenly distributed glass knockers for a secure grip. And there are two additional glass knockers at the bottom to add support and stability. After you smoke Pickle Rick, you can set down the pipe without rolling or sliding.

This glass Pickle Rick is easy to load, unload, and wash. Regular cannabis consumers should deep clean their weed pipes every couple of weeks. Glass pipes are typically straightforward to clean with a gentle touch and the right tools.

Our glass Pickle Rick pipe is fully recyclable. Once your pipe reaches the end of its lifespan (or worse, breaks!), you can recycle it with your regular glass recycling. But, just as with other recycling, remove any lingering residue from your glass smoking pipe beforehand.

Our selection of glass steamroller pipes ranges in sizes from 3.5-inches up to 9 inches, and at only 5.5 inch long, the Pickle Rick bowl is the perfect travel accessory.

Glass is the only material that can be forged into all pipe styles, including the Sherlock pipe, hammer pipe, bubbler, steamroller, one-hitter chillums, and many more. Glass's versatility is one of the biggest reasons it's one of the most popular pipe materials. Better still, glass pipes are inert – there is no risk of leaching chemicals or bacteria into the flower. Top-shelf strains retain their pure, dank aromas and flavors in a glass pipe.

Just like our Pickle Rick pipe for sale, our wide selection of other glass pipes is beautiful, artistic, and intricate.

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Pickle Rick Pipes - The Bottom Line

The convenient, easy-to-use, classic pickle pipe is a common smoking apparatus among cannabis consumers. A robust glass pipe collection is essential to your success as smoke and headshop owners. Very few glass pipes stand out like this Pickle Rick steamroller pipe.

Watch the popular R&M cartoon while puffing through a Pickle Rick pipe, and you will get lifted faster than you can say "wubba lubba dub dub!"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews


Brandon Kelley
Blown away

I really like this bowl. I like that you can see the chamber build up with smoke and the little knobs on the side make it easy to hold onto. Probably one of my new favorite bowls.

Kim Mugavero
Pickle Rick

My husband loves this. Says it is comfortable to hold and hits well

Catherine Jimenez
Pretty cool!

Also got this for someone as a gift and they loved it!! Honestly looks way better in person!! Picture doesn’t do it’s Justice, product is a good material and great quality for a great price!

Elizabeth Venne

Came printed backwards with the face on the back but 5 stars for how fast they send a replacement! Accidents happen

Patrice Sloan
Pickle rick

Pickle rick is awesome I love it

Pickle Rick

Love him! Perfect size and such a hoot.

Fast delivery and received in great condition.

melea fisher
Not too shabby 💚

The bowl itself works very well!!

Ray Ray
We love pickle rick!!

I purchased this pickle rick pipe as a gift, and we both LOVE it!! Pickle rick had a hell of a ride from California to New York, and arrived in pristine condition with no cracks, chips, or breaks. The box was a little big, but it was filled with plenty of cushioning to keep pickle rick safe during his rough journey through the post (not that he would need it bc he's PICKLE RICK!!). Anyway, I'm beyond pleased with this product, the protective packaging, and the timeliness of delivery. Great quality in a great product! 10/10 would recommend.

It does what it’s supposed to do

The face on it is a little sloppy but it’s a good buy if you jus need a pipe