HED 0.5ML & 1.0mL Cartridge Arbor Press

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This Arbor Press allows you to consistently and reliably cap all your round tip cartridges and tapered tip cartridges, saving you time and your hands from the arduous labor of capping cartridges. 
The Arbor Press is perfect for sealing your 0.5mL and 1.0mL cartridge bodies with invariable accuracy, achieving the perfect tension with the easy-to-use magnetic lever. It also provides the right amount of friction needed to safeguard your precious cannabis oils by precisely sealing your tip bottom edges with your cartridge body top edges--making this arbor press an essential addition to any dispensary. 
The twistable, base block also makes it easy to alternate between capping 1.0ml and/or 0.5ml cartridges. The L-shape design makes this arbor press the perfect press for any user, and its size is ideal for mounting onto any table or used standalone.