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Honeycomb E-Nail with 20mm Coil

Product code: 33106

Trade in the butane torch for the convenience of a high power electronic heating element with this Honeycomb E-Nail with 20mm Coil. Using a simple power cable, you can heat the high quality titanium nail to the perfect temperature without the use of fire. Titanium is used to produce the most rugged of dab nails with premium heat retention. A 20mm coil is utilized to bring quick, evenly distributed heating to your nail. Electronic dab nails are perfect for heating to the precise temperature that will properly heat your waxes, oils and concentrates without wasting them. An included silicone jar makes the whole process even more convenient. Refine your dabbing sessions with the Honeycomb E-Nail with 20mm Coil.
  • Size: 5.5" x 5" inches
  • Coil heater
  • Power cable
  • Titanium nail
  • Silicone jar
  • Packing box
  • Manual
  • Color: Black