Black Pre-Rolled Cones Filling Machine Starter Kit 84mm

Fill 121 Cones Per Run

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The Humboldt pre-rolled cone filling machine starter kit has absolutely everything you need to fill your cones quickly. Humboldts are manufactured right here in the United States with premium, high-quality durable plastic.

Each cone filling machine comes with a cone riser for effortless removal of the cones from the machine. Each machine also includes a cone packing tool to assist you in packing your material tightly into your cones during operation.

The vibration table included is a sturdy and high quality made machine, made for frequent usage by dispensaries and collectives. The industrial quality electric motor that has been specially configured to maximize efficiency and smoothly shake your material. Each motor is made from high quality stainless steel parts and is hand-checked and tested for quality control at our facilities to ensure longevity and reliability. They are a great addition for dispensary business owners because the efficiency of quickly packing cones saves time and money.

The included vibration table stabilization pad helps to minimize the sound of shaking on any hard surface and also keep your vibration table in place while it's in operation.

This Humboldt filling machine starter kit can pack up to 121 pre-rolled cones at once, in just a short amount of time. These machines are also incredibly user-friendly and intuitive to use. The detachable components make assembly, removal, and cleaning quick and simple. The Humboldt starter kit is perfect for a small company increasing its rolling production or an independent grow operation expanding its market.

What's Included:

  • Pre-rolled cones filling machine
  • Cone riser
  • Cone packing tool
  • Vibration Table
  • Vibration Table stabilization pad
  • Extension cord with power switch

How to Use:

  1. Place the cone filling machine on the surface of the vibration table and set the cone riser and packing tool aside for now.
  2. Fill the machine’s cone holes with empty cones.
  3. Turn the vibration table on and begin filling the the top of the machine with your material.
  4. Use the included cone packing tool to compress and tightly pack the cones during operation.
  5. Once the cones are nearly full (leave some space to twist the end), turn the vibration table off.
  6. Lift the cone filling machine, and place the cone riser on top of the vibration table, underneath the cone filling machine.
  7. Rotate the cone filling machine while pressing it down on the riser. The riser will eventually slide into the bottom of the machine, while simultaneously lifting the filled cones.
  8. Remove each filled cone from the machine and twist the end to finish.


  • Compatible Size: 84mm
  • Capacity: Fills 121 Cones
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 12" x 12" x 12"
  • Made in the United States


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