Magic Flight Box Vaporizer - Maple

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If you’re looking for a more natural smoking experience, the Magic Flight Box Vaporizer is an excellent choice, as if the rustic maple frame weren’t any indicator. This portable vaporizer that even Mother Nature would be cool with offers a purified high free from the nastiness associated with combustion. The box itself is also constructed from renewable maple, so both the planet and your lungs will be thanking you. Speaking of nature, let’s talk about how this convenient vaporizer works with our favorite plant: it produces perfect plumes of vapor (within 5 seconds!) so efficiently that your herb is estimated to last you approximately 4 times longer. The Launch Box is also inconspicuous; small enough to easily fit in your palm while locking in odor with a special TightVac air tight storage compartment. Get back to nature with the perfect camping vaporizer: the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Package Contents:

  • Magic flight launch box
  • 2 rechargeable NiMh batteries
  • 1 Glass mouthpiece stem
  • Cleaning brish
  • Battery charger
  • Tin Storage container
  • Instruction manual