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Generic Medical Marijuana Universal Labels | 3in x 1in - Rectangle - 1000 Count


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Generic Medical Marijuana Universal Labels | 3in x 1in - Rectangle - 1000 Count

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3in x 1in

Our generic Rx medical marijuana label stickers are state compliant with essential text descriptions printed on the labels along with a green Rx symbol. Our medical labels are industry standard size for the cannabis industry and fits great on our pop top vials, reversible cap vials, as well as all of our glass vials. Convenient, professional and cost effective!

What are Universal Medical Marijuana Labels?

Medical marijuana stickers are a label required for products containing THC and or CBD that keep your cannabis products compliant. The labels may also instruct the consumer of certain cannabinoids present within the product. These generic medical marijuana labels are all state compliant and protect the company and the cannabis consumer by providing pertinent information on the safety and effects of cannabis.

Our Rx weed labels contain the following text, “Medication in this package was distributed in compliance with local state initiatives regarding medical cannabis laws. It may be legally obtained only by a qualified patient. WARNING! Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery. Keep out of reach of children. Unlawful to redistribute”.

The message provides the adequate language required by cannabis packaging regulations.

Furthermore, these strain labels provide a space to write the name of the cannabis strain. There is also a dedicated space for strain classification, whether it is a Sativa, Indica, or Sativa-Indica dominant hybrid strain.

The amount in grams is also displayed on the medical marijuana labels. Depending on your cannabis company needs, these cannabis stickers are the perfect minimalistic approach your product needs to be sleek, professional, and successful under proper state regulation.

By purchasing these medical marijuana stickers for your product, you ensure your cannabis company is not at risk of being fined or losing its license and can rest easy knowing your cannabis is entering the right hands. By putting the safety of the consumer first, you continually show you care and can create those loyal customers that keep coming back.

Why Does My Business Require Universal Medical Marijuana Labels?

Considering that manufacturers must adhere to all state regulations, strain labels are a simple way to stay on top of these ever-changing regulations and remain compliant while providing transparency to the consumers. These Rx weed labels are a consistent and cost-effective way to keep your cannabis business compliant through the dynamic changes within the industry.

Our cannabis stickers are 3x1 inches and perfectly fit our reversible cap, pop-top, and glass vials. The universal marijuana labels are sleek, professional, and can be custom catered to your cannabis operation’s dream aesthetic.

We also offer tamper-evident labels, which provide the protection the cannabis consumer needs post-purchase. Staying consistently compliant and consumer safe can be as simple as generic or branded medical marijuana stickers.

How Do I Get Generic Universal Medical Marijuana Labels?

Our website is designed to make the online wholesale shopping experience easy for first-time buyers and returning customers. Stay stocked up on labels throughout the year with our wholesale shopping.

The checkout process is simple after deciding how many rolls of stickers you want. The more you purchase, the more you can potentially save!

Check out our impressively wide range of medical marijuana packaging options. We offer child-resistant mylar bags, customizable concentrate containers, and personalized cartridge packaging depending on what your cannabis company needs are.

By offering low quantities minimums at an affordable cost, with shipping out of the U.S., Marijuana Packaging makes it easy for your product to stand out and stay compliant on the shelves. Our high-quality printed weed labels and customizable packaging are the last steps your cannabis company needs to get your story and product out there.

    • Size: 3" x 1"
    • All state compliant
    • Cost effective

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