Opaque Gold Reversible Cap 20 Dram - Blank Cap - 240 Count

Product code: RCGDB20

$0.13 per unit

$32.36 per case

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Reversible Cap Vials are a convenient way to store all your medical or recreational marijuana buds. The multi-function cap allows users to utilize the push-down-and-turn, child resistant cap function to safeguard cannabis buds from young hands or meet child-resistant packaging regulations. When you flip the cap over to use the screw-top, non-child-resistant function, patients or mature users can it easily and quickly retrieve their precious product. Reverse Cap Vials are great for dispensary supply; it keeps cannabis buds moisture-resistant and they offer an odor proof design. 

  • $0.13 per unit 
  • 240 units per box 
  • Fits up to 3.5 Grams of medication 
  • Airtight, moisture resistant, and odor proof design 
  • Blank Cap - No "Push Down & Turn" instructions