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Palm Twist Dispenser - 50 Count

Product code: 14201


Ships from Los Angeles, CA

Providing an exotic alternative to your typical blunt wrap, Palm Twist All-Natural Hand Rolled Blunt Wraps are like enjoying a quality blunt rolled by Mother Nature herself.

When you’re smoking on Palm Twist leaf wraps, the flavor of your herb won’t get bogged down by invasive tastes and hazardous chemicals. That’s because these blunt wraps are rolled from 100% natural palm leaves that have been grown without the use of toxic fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives or other additives including tobacco or glues with residual flavors. Each leaf is hand-picked and cleansed with purified water before carefully being rolled into an outstanding blunt wrap that offers a clean, smooth, super slow burning smoke.

These unique blunt wraps are also sustainable, rendering no damage to the environment.

Each Palm Twist wrap is supported by a corn husk filter crutch that not only reinforces your blunt but offers larger, silkier pulls. An included wooden packing tool makes it easier to pack your herb just right.