Classic 98 Special Pre-Rolled Cones

98mm - Unbleached Paper - 1400 Count

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Raw cones have been loved by the connoisseurs for years and these classic 98 Special pre rolled cones are no exception.

Pre-rolled cones are among the most prevalent smoking accessories globally, and the RAW 98 Special cones are no exception. These RAW products allow businesses to produce numerous joints effortlessly, which is immensely beneficial to medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.

The popularity of RAW pre-rolled cones stems from the fact that the brand has an all-natural production process. The wholesale RAW 98 Special cones you find in our store are made of raw plant fibers and are 100 percent GMO and gluten-free.

Additionally, individuals in the roll-your-own-joint cannabis community are massive fans of 98 Special RAW cones. For this reason, businesses can get substantial financial returns from stocking up on these products.

What Are RAW 98 Special cones?

The RAW 98 Special cones are an excellent in-between for 1 1/4 and King Size pre-rolled cones. These cones have a length of 98 millimeters and a tip that is about 20 millimeters long.

They are a tad leaner than the 1 1/4 and King Size pre-rolled cones and can hold about one gram of product. For this reason, they have quickly become favorites among cannabis businesses and consumers alike.

The RAW classic 98 Special cones are unbleached and unrefined to keep the brand's commitment to providing an all-natural smoking experience. Therefore, your clients can expect a smoking experience free of the unpleasant chlorine aftertaste bleached pre-rolls tend to have.

Benefits of 98 Special RAW cones

Most cannabis consumers want to smoke their herbs but may not be fond of rolling a joint or blunt. For this reason, pre-rolls are popular products within this community, and there's no denying that RAW cones are the way to go for mass-producing joints. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you stock up on 98 Special RAW cones for your retail establishment.

98 Special RAW Cones are Quick and Easy To Use

Perhaps the most significant benefit of RAW cones 98 Special is that they are quick and easy to use. Since these pre-rolled cones come when they are already rolled, all you have to do is fill them up.

Hence, these products can come in handy for cannabis dispensaries and operations that produce numerous joints daily. Similarly, most consumers who prefer smoking joints will likely purchase RAW 98 Special cones for ease of use.

RAW 98 Special Cones Have a Unique Design

Another reason why all cannabis retailers should get wholesale RAW 98 Special cones is these pre-rolled cones are uniquely designed for the best smoking experience. The brand's patented criss-cross fiber design creates a slow, clean, and even burning joint that your clients and patients alike can appreciate.

How To Get 98 Special RAW Cones

You can find an excellent selection of wholesale RAW pre-rolled cones 98 Special right here at Marijuana Packaging. Our store guarantees the best prices in the market, which is vital for the bottom line of businesses within the industry.

You don't need to break the bank when stocking up on the pre-rolled cones from our store. Each order comes with 1,400 pre-rolled cones, which you can use to produce enough joints for your clientele.

Whether your business is trying to crank out thousands of pre-rolled cones a day or need to push product off the shelves, having RAW 98 Special cones is paramount for your success. Be sure to visit our store to find these exceptional pre-roll cones.

Honoring the company’s commitment to an all-natural smoking experience, these RAW pre rolled cones aren’t just unbleached… they’re completely unrefined. The result is a slow burn, smoother hits and undiluted flavor.

You know you’re smoking a quality product when you see RAW’s watermark.

Free from toxins and GMOs, these vegan pre-rolled cones crafted from unrefined fibers are another strong offering from the ever-reliable Raw.


  • Size: 98mm - King size
  • Tip Length: 20mm
  • 1,400 units per order
  • Paper tip included
INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

Cancer and Reproduction Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

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Connie Wellington
Love this product!

Really like these papers. The order was delivered in a short time . Excellent service always!

Natures Holiday

RAW Classic 98 Special Pre-Rolled Cones | 98mm – Hemp Paper – 1,400 Count

John McVay

Got the product as promised. Rather pricey however

Victoria M.
Great packaging

All cones come nicely with no creases in paper.

Charles C.
Great Service

Product and service is great