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RAW Auto Roll Box - 79mm

Product code: 22789



The 79mm RAW Auto Roll Box cuts out the unreliability of machinery for good ol’ fashioned mechanical ingenuity to create a simple, self-contained rolling machine with no batteries required. The affordable alternative to motorized rolling machines is compact and convenient for optimum portability. A rugged steel metal casing houses the non-stretch apron that allows you to deposit your flower, close the box, and effortlessly roll perfect joints using 79mm rolling papers. The box itself looks sleek with a black veneer proudly emblazoned with that ever-reliable RAW logo. The RAW Auto Roll Box remains the most affordable yet efficient rolling machine alternative for the rolling impaired.
  • Brand: RAW
  • Automatic rolling box
  • Steel metal casing
  • non stretch apron
  • Portable
  • Color: Black
  • For paper size: 79mm