'-RAW Glass Tips Jar - Slim - 75 Count

Product code: 22854

$3.06 per unit

$230.00 per case

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This jar of Slim RAW Glass Tips gives you a generous 75 slim glass filter tips to add further refinement to your smoking experience. When you buy RAW, you know you’re getting the best and these RAW tips are no exception. Each glass tip is outfitted with a specially designed filtration system that stops residue, lending to an overall purer smoking session. They also add reinforcement to your joints, so for those of you who struggle with rolling papers, one of these glass tips can help.

  • $3.06 per unit
  • 75 units per jar
  • Brand: RAW
  • Material: Glass
  • Slim glass tips
  • Individual glass vials
  • Packaged for retail