RAW Gold and Black Metal Rolling Paper – Limited Edition – Small 11" x 7”

Product code: 24424

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Rawthenticate your smoke sessions with this durable metal RAW rolling tray. Made of thick metal, this rolling tray makes it easy to roll your joints on a hard, sturdy surface. It is also lightweight enough to travel with you. 

With high edges with rounded corners, it allows every piece of product to be scooped out while also making cleaning that much easier. Stash this tray anywhere you like, measuring at 11” x 7”, anywhere goes.  

Complete the ensemble by stocking up on our premium RAW rolling papers, RAW pre rolled cones, and grinders.   

  • Made of Durable and Thick Metal 
  • High walls with Rounded Corners for Accessibility and Maintenance  
  • Tray Size:  11'' x 7'' 
  • Perfect for Travel or Storage 
  • Gold and Black one-of-a-kind design gives it a clean, sleek look