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RAW is perhaps one of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis industry. The brand is trusted and reliable, which is why we are proud to offer products from RAW!

One of our favorite products that are hugely popular is the RAW king size cone filler. This cone filler can roll one, two, three, or up to six king size cones at once!

Everyone loves a king-size joint, and this RAW six shooter cone device is excellent for individual or group settings. Your customers will love having a tool to provide quality cones full of their favorite cannabis strain. The RAW 6 cone roller is a phenomenal product that will make your customers’ lives easier.

How To Use A RAW King Size Cone Filler

This RAW cone filler is surprisingly simple to use, but there are a few moving parts we want to go over to ensure you know precisely how the RAW six shooter cone loader filling device works!

  1. First, decide how many cones you want to roll! The amount will depend on if you keep the plate in or not. If you are filling one, two, or three cones, you will keep the plate inside the loader and move it depending on how many you want to roll. If you choose to roll 6, you will remove the plate entirely!
  2. Fill the number of holes of your choosing (one, two, three, or six) with king-size cones. RAW cones are a great choice, but any king-size cone will do the trick! King size cones should be 98 mm and 109mm in length and have a tip diameter of 26mm.
  3. Add your favorite cannabis after grinding it up! The RAW cone filler device works for tobacco as well.
  4. Once the cones are loaded, replace the lid and give the loader a good, solid smack against a hard surface.
  5. From there, you can use the pin that holds the plate in place as a poker to pack down the marijuana. Feel free if you want to add more and repeat the process after using the RAW cone packer to pack the cannabis down!
  6. Now comes the fun part! Remove the cone/cones and enjoy.

After loading the RAW cone filler device comes naturally (it will not take long); the process will take you less than a minute! A pre-roll machine has never been faster.

Benefits of A RAW King Size Cone Filler

The RAW king size cone filler has several benefits for your business and your customers!

Since RAW products are so popular, offering the six shooter RAW device is sure to be a hit at your business! This product will attract customers who want a more effortless rolling experience.

The RAW six shooter will bring in new customers to boost your profits and is sure to be eye-catching for your returning clients. Your business can also offer the RAW six shooter paired with other RAW products. Pairing RAW products can enable your business to provide fun product pairings and brand rollouts to increase customer attention.

Using the RAW cone shooter also has excellent benefits for your customers! The compact size (88.9mm width x 88.9mm x 177mm height) is ideal for transportation.

Customers lean toward cannabis rolling products that they can easily carry with them and will not take too much room in their households or bags. Customers can take on this RAW cone loader machine on trips, which is sure to benefit your customers.

Customers will also benefit in terms of their time and money. The RAW cone filler can prepare filled cones in under one minute, expediting the process.

We all know that unless you are an expert roller, cones can take lots of precision and time to roll correctly. The cone filler RAW device eliminates that extra time; no one will complain about being able to enjoy their cannabis faster!

Customers also save money because they are minimizing the waste of their cannabis. By loading herb straight into the cones, customers can prevent weed from spilling and being wasted.

The RAW 6 shooter is an incredible product to offer at your smoke shop or dispensary. The device is a favorite with your amazing customers, who will love the simplicity of the RAW cone loader!

It is also the perfect product to elevate your business! When you order these RAW cone shooters, you are sure that you will love the product and how it adds to your business.

The RAW Six Shooter also acts as a carrier for your filled cones, so smoke em’ all now, or save a few for later, up to you!

  • Cone Size: 98mm and 109mm
  • Fits up to 6 king size pre-rolled cones
  • Saves time and money
  • Dispensary and collective favorite
  • Brand: RAW

INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

Cancer and Reproduction Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

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5 star product!

Must buy!!!!! Works well!!

Bare essentials

Must have

Excellent giftS

People went crazy for theSe

Kellie Pickett

Great!! So happy!&

David H
Raw loader

Raw loader looks like it will work as described but I am in a learning curve on this product. It seems to me if your cannabis is sticky at all it will not shake into your cones. Great fast delivery Thanks

Phara Cherenfant

Awesome product! I bought this for a friend with limited mobility on his left side. He loves it!

Laura Northcutt
Life saver!

Over the years I can’t roll like I used to. I have shaky hands. I always like to make a few at a time. This is easy! I’m still playing around with it but going to order the regular raw cones. I got the variety pack just to check it out. Dude. Some of the cone sizes our out of control.