Refillable J-Pod Vape Pod Multipack - 4 Count

Product code: 44223

$2.50 per unit

$10.00 per case

Ships from Los Angeles, CA

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This 4-pack of refillable J-Pods allows you to enjoy the discreet convenience of your Juul, OVNS Pod Starter Kit or other compatible vape pod without the fear of being left high-and-dry. This set gives you 4 refillable vape pods, each capable of holding 1.0ml of e-liquid. The average Juul vape pod only accommodates 0.7ml of e-juice, so the 1.0ml refillable pods are a thrifty choice that will last you longer. Enjoy the convenience offered by these top-loading vapor pods as you fill them up with the e-liquid flavor and style of your preference.