Assorted Colors Reversible Cap Vial 20 Dram - 240 Count

Product code: RCM20

$0.14 per unit

$35.95 per case

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These assorted colorful reversible cap medicine bottles put an ingenious spin on a classic design to offer you versatility, security, and control. The reversible cap can be used to safeguard the contents of each colorful bottle with child-resistant reliability or it can be flipped over for a simple screw top design if children aren’t a concern. Each of these colorful plastic vials exhibits the classic prescription bottle design in a myriad of eye-pleasing colors for ease of organization. By design, these plastic containers help to keep contents fresh with airtight, moisture-resistant thoroughness. They’re even odor proof so, though they’re pleasing to the eye, they’ll prevent any contents from being offensive to the nose. Organizing and safeguarding your medicine has never been so simple or user friendly as with these assorted colorful reverse cap prescription bottles. 
  • $0.15 per unit
  • 240 units per box
  • Fits up to 3.5 Grams
  • Airtight, Moisture Resistant, and Odor Proof Design.