Child Resistant

Custom Safely Lock Ultra Pre-Roll Tin Container

Brushed Metal

In stock


The Child Resistant Ultra Pre Roll Tin has 3 important features:

  1. Safely Lock's sleek joint box protects your pre-rolled marijuana in a reinforced tin case.
  2. This case’s flat and wide top and bottom surfaces are perfect real estate for your custom label or logo. Don’t have either? Our in-house custom design team will work with you to create branding that represents your cannabis best.
  3. The two-step opening mechanism is designed to be opened easily by adults while simultaneously proving too difficult for children.

More features:

  • This tin joint box uses a rubber gasket seal on the inside of the lid that limits the air and moisture that could seep inside and damage your pre-rolls.
  • The gasket seal also allows for other products to be used with this tin, including chocolates, gummies, and candy.


Outer length: 114.3mm
Outer width: 95.2mm
Outer height: 15.2mm

Inner length: 84mm
Inner width: 102mm
Inner height: 12.7mm

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