SHINE 24K Cone + 2 Blaze Hemp Blend Cones

Product code: 14407

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Handcrafted with the finest edible gold, these safe and easy-to-load Shine Papers are perfect for those on the go.  Featuring on Shine 24K gold pre-rolled joint and two additional Blaze Hemp Blend Cones with custom tips, these rolling papers are some the smoothest burning papers on the market. Due to their high-quality materials, Shine gold rolling papers can burn for longer periods of time than traditional papers, making for an optimal and more refined smoking experience. 

  • $3.00 per unit 
  • 3 units per pack 
  • 1 Shine 24K Pre-Rolled Cone 
  • 2 Blaze Hemp Blend Cones with a custom tip 
  • 100% Edible Gold