Tamper Evident | Glass Jar Shrink Bands | 4oz - 1,000 Count

Product code: GB4CRSB

$0.02 per unit

$20.00 per case

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Shrink Bands are a safe and effective way of meeting strict packaging requirements for the retail distribution of cannabis products. These specialized plastic bands have been carefully perforated to fit our 4oz glass jars: GB4OZB & GB4OZ-BG. Packaged in bundles of 1,000 each, these bands are ideal for the business or individual looking for both value and quantity.

  • $0.02 per unit
  • 1,000 units per order
  • Fits: Glass vial 4oz: GB4OZB & GB4OZ-BG
  • Band Size: 98mm x 86mm
  • Diameter: Roughly 91mm

Easy to use directions:

1.) Slide a clear band over the top of the bottle.

2.) Apply heat from a device such as a heat tool gun.

3.) Allow bands to shrink after heat is applied, which usually takes a few seconds, depending on the heating device used.

Shrink Bands are compatible with our Wagner Heat Tool Gun (Click Here To Purchase)