Gas Mask Acrylic Water Pipe

8.5in Tall - Grommet Bowl - Black

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When you bring out your bong, it's an opportunity to make a bold statement. Our gas mask bong is one of the many cool bongs that Marijuana Packaging carries that fuse style and function.

The rubber bong mask is attached to the pipe. It has adjustable head straps and plastic coverings over the eyes, allowing smoke to be kept in the mask after inhalation. The acrylic bong has a carb hole on the back to gauge smoke intensity.

Because acrylic is more affordable than glass, you can stock up on various pipes and bongs that speak to your personality. All your friends will be ogling your gas mask bong and want a gas mask water pipe for themselves.

The gas mask bong is also available in many colors and designs. Our gas bong mask is especially great for parties, hanging out with friends, or for a long weekend at home by yourself.

It's common for people to mistake a weed gas mask for a novelty item. This cool gas mask bong doesn't belong on a shelf gathering dust.

Our black bong face mask, or weed gas mask, engulfs you into a whirlwind of smoke upon inhalation. There is no better way to enjoy your buds than with a gas mask for smoking weed.

Our 8.5 inch black gas mask acrylic water pipe, is a more traditional gas mask bong and is one of our best sellers. And, like our other acrylic water pipes, it's durable and affordable. The black grommet bowl gives it a sleek, modernistic appearance.

After you've found the perfect marijuana gas mask, you should get a spare! You don't want to be left without your smoking gas mask if you forget your gas mask weed bong at your buddy's house.

As you browse our collection, grab a spare weed gas mask bong to have on hand in case of an emergency. The affordability of the acrylic material makes it easy to have at least one extra gas mask pipe handy, and we have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

How To Use A Gas Mask Bong

Preparing the Bong

  1. Fill the bong with water until it covers the downstem. It should be low enough to not spill out of the carb.
  2. Fill the percolator with water to cover any air holes (Percolators provide more air and water to cool the smoke).
  3. Choose a water temperature. Adding ice to your bong cools down the smoke, making it easier to inhale. Some prefer hot water because the steam helps bring moisture into the lungs.
  4. Slide in the downstem and a clean bowl and take a test drag. If water hits your lips, pour out a little water. If all percolators aren't bubbling, add a little water until you see large honeycomb bubbles up the sides of the bong as you inhale.

Packing the Bowl

  1. Remove the bowl from the bong when you fill it up.
  2. Gently blow on the bowl to make sure you can feel the air where it meets the downstem.
  3. Break up your smoking material into small pieces about the size of large crumbs, and remove any seeds, stems, or leaves.
  4. Loosely pack the bowl. Do not pack it over the top edge.
  5. Place the bowl into the downstem.

Taking a Hit

  1. Strike the lighter, hold it up to the edge of the bowl, and simultaneously inhale to "pull" the flame into the bowl.
  2. Remove the flame once the bowl ignites, but continue inhaling to gather smoke inside the chamber.
  3. Pull out the bowl, or uncover the carb. Then, take a deep, quick breath to inhale all the smoke in the chamber.
  4. Exhale immediately. Most of the pleasurable compounds are absorbed instantly.

Change the water when it becomes discolored. Always use hot water and a pipe cleaner or a large straw brush to clean your gas mask weed bong.

Where To Buy A Gas Mask Bong?

Marijuana Packaging has the best selection of affordable, durable, and stylish gas mask bongs wholesale sale. Our Price Beat Guarantee ensures you'll get the absolute best price when you want to buy a gas mask bong online.

In addition to having the best gas mask bong, we have an outstanding selection of more traditional water pipes. And like our cheap gas mask bong, all of our acrylic water pipes are durable, affordable, and fun. Simple to use and attractive, our weed gas mask for sale is an excellent addition to any smoker's collection.

  • Size: 8.5" inches
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Style: Gas mask
  • Type: Water pipe
  • Rubber Gas mask
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Carb hole
  • Color: Assorted


This product is intended for tobacco use only.

INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

Works good

Ken J

works well, use responsibly

Johnny Reyes

Works amazing !! Will be ordering again very soon !

Amy Watkins
The bomb diggity

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i seen this baby on sell for 25$! Let me tell you it’s worth it! Seals nicely but don’t try this alone

Great gifts

Bought as a gift it was well received eived

Great gifts

Bought as a gift. It was well receive.

Kathleen Roby
Very Happy

I am very happy with this product. It works well with, or without, the mask. Hope for blue, yet got a clear one, which is fine. Very happy with speedy shipping, too.

Angel Flores
Great Gas Mask!

I bought this has mask about a month ago and I really enjoy it! It works well and whenever you don't wanna use the mask then you can use the smoking part of the mask as a bong! The only problem I have with it is when you put it in when your going to smoke, you can't see the bong part because it becomes a blind spot so you just gotta figure out where to properly light it.

Jarod Porter

Hard to hit

Tiffany Kidd

Wanted blue and received pink but otherwise everything was good.