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The STM Mini-Rocketbox pre-roll machine combines power, efficiency, and versatility to maximize your pre-roll production. Capable of producing 143 84mm pre-rolled joints in under a minute, the Mini-RocketBox is perfect for startups on a budget, or cannabis cultivators short on space.

Features of the Mini-RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine:
  • Compact and Portable
  • Pneumatic Leveling System
  • Durable, Food-Grade Components
  • Variable Adjustable Dial
  • OSHA Compliance
  • User Manual

Optimal Pre-Rolled Cones
Pneumatic leveling technology and vibration frequencies fill pre-rolled cones with a 10% +/- variance. Advanced customizable settings allow for the ultimate control over your product.

Save Time and Money
The Mini-RocketBox is capable of producing 11,000 pre-rolled cones per day, maximizing your cone production and significantly reducing labor costs associated with hand-rolling joints.

Built to Last for Years
The Mini-RocketBox is designed with durability in mind. A 10-year life span ensures your Mini-RocketBox pre-roll machine will be a long-term asset for your cannabis cultivation facilities.

143 Pre-Rolls Fills
Up to 143 pre-rolls in under 1 minute.

Durable Constructed
From stainless steel & aluminum

Food Grade
Constructed from food grade materials

Adjustable Settings
The Mini RocketBox has 3 adjustable settings

11,000 Daily
The Mini-Rocketbox Pre-Roll Filling Machine can produce up to 11,000 pre-rolls a day.

10% Variance or less
10% Variance or less on fills for accurate pre-rolls.

 1-Year Warranty
One years parts and labor warranty through manufacture

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