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STM RocketBox - Fill 453 Pre-Rolled Joints in Under 3 Minutes - Shipping Included

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The STM RocketBox is one of the world’s most advanced commercial pre-roll machines, allowing dispensaries and businesses alike to produce over 453 pre-rolled joints in about 3 minutes. In an industry where time is money, that is about 25,000 joints in a single day!

The STM RocketBox reliably produces quality joints at the right consistency at an invariable pace; pre-rolled cones are packed at your desired airflow and volume. Equipped with one STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine, one Bottom Tray with the size of your choice, one Top Tray, one Loading Box, one Finishing Base, and one day of on-site Training; this pre-roll machine pays for itself and saves you the arduous labor of filling pre-rolled cones by hand.

The STM RocketBox’s patent-pending technology uses a combination of a powerful motor and a pneumatic leveling system that allows all vibration frequencies to remain concentrated on your cones’ central placement on your tray. This technology utilizes the three stages of “Filling,” “Packing,” and “Optimal Final Pack” to safeguard quality and pack your joints according to your customers’ needs and desires.

The STM RocketBox is compatible with three different filling trays to accommodate all your different-sized pre-rolled cones. Sizes include: 0.5 gram, 0.7 gram, and 1.0 gram trays, which are ideal for filling your 1¼, 98mm Special, and King Size pre-rolled cones.

  • On-Site Training Included with Every Purchase  
  • 0.5-1.0g Available Tray Sizes  
  • 3 Stages Per Cycle  
  • 3 Deeply Customizable Setting Per Stage 
  • 10+ Custom Preset Profiles  
  • 90% Average Fill Rate  
  • 5%-10% Weight Variance  
  • Made for Industrial Use  
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor 
  • Food-Grade Components  
  • Made in the USA 
  • OSHA Compliant Multi-Point Safety System  
  • Shipping Included 

Marijuana Packaging currently only ships within the contiguous United States and Canada. For Canadian businesses interested in purchasing a unit, please call (888) 315-2453 to place your order.  

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