Straight Sided Glass Jars | 53mm - 1.87oz - 32 Count

Product code: EBSSGB30

$0.60 per unit

$19.50 per case

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These straight sided glass jars are compatible with our 53mm child resistant caps and offer you one of the best ways to store your cannabis products. The borosilicate glass is thick and rugged to protect some of your most valuable top-shelf products.  

These commercial straight sided jars are a staple for many dispensary owners and producers. It helps boost a sleek presentation and offers a unique type of packaging for your medical or retail dispensary.  

  • $0.64 per unit  
  • 32 units per order  
  • Neck Outside Diameter w/ Thread: 52.0mm 
  • Neck Outside Diameter w/o Thread: 49.6mm 
  • Neck Inner Diameter: 42.8mm 
  • Neck Height: 9.2mm 
  • Measure from top finish to top edge of the first thread: 1.0mm 
  • Size: 53mm