'-The Keeper by Hemper - 12 Count

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The Keeper 3-in-1 Grinder and Storage Container: Introducing the Keeper; a product that revolutionizes cannabis prep and storage by combining all the best features of an herb grinder and marijuana container in one simple package. With its portably convenient size and unassuming appearance, this versatile innovation keeps even the dankest herb inconspicuous thanks to a smell proof design that’s also airtight and resistant to both water and ultraviolet light. Save yourself the hassle of moving herb from your container to your grinder and then to your pipe or rolling paper by simply having a grinder built into your container. An upper compartment of the Keeper is lined with teeth allowing for use as a highly efficient weed grinder with the finely ground herb collecting in the container below. The pop top 3-in-1 grinder and airtight container also features a removable tether to make traveling with the Keeper even more convenient.