Trifold Blister Packaging for Syringes - No Insert - 500 Count

Product code: BPSYNC-TP

As Low As $0.18 per unit

$90.00 per case

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These trifold blister packs are perfect for storing all your 1ml and 0.5ml dab applicators and luer lock syringes.  The trifold clamshell design makes it easy to feature your products on any dispensary shelf, ensuring your merchandise is properly displayed while also maintaining professional appearance. The simple, easy-to-use locking system allows users to snap in their products thanks to the four interlocking cavities; they can also easily be unfastened to retrieve products by simply pulling two ends of the packaging apart.  Made from plastic, this packaging ensures your products are covered.  

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Fits: 1ml or 0.5ml glass syringes 
  • No cardboard 
  • Compatible with SKUs: 43839, GS1, SLGSL1, GGSLI 

**Syringe NOT INCLUDED**