Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Container 16MM - 1650 Count

Product code: VCCR16

As Low As $0.30 per unit

$495.00 per case

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If you’re looking for an inconspicuous container for your vape pen cartridges, look no further. This Vape Container raises no suspicions as it’s unmarked and generic in appearance, perfect for people who like to vape in discretion. Child-resistant locking technology is utilized to make this a safe container option for your vape cartridges. Designed from rugged plastic, it offers a durable shell for protection of your cartridge, rendering it ideal for portability. This vape container is designed specifically to house a 16mm cartridge.

  • Size: 16mm
  • Height: 2.86"
  • Child resistant
  • Cartridge container
  • Push down & turn cap

The Vape Container 16mm is compatible with the following Buttonless Vaporizer Cartridges: A3-05, 41538, 42759, 42947, 42946, 42945