Very Happy Kit with 4” Glass Pipe, Rolling Papers and More

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The Very Happy Kit gives you everything you could possibly need for a full smoking experience inside a secure, travel-sized case. Whether you want to smoke from a 4” hand pipe of thick rugged glass, an inconspicuous metal cigarette one hitter, or roll a joint, this all-inclusive kit has you covered.

This kit hooks you up with not one but two packs of 100% pure hemp rolling papers; one for King-sized papers, the other for 1 ¼” sized papers. Both include filter tips for easy rolling and smoother smoking.

This smoking kit also provides you with a 4-piece aluminum metal weed grinder (measuring 2.25” in diameter) with kief catcher and magnetic closure, a hooked metal cleaning tool for the metal chillum pipe, and a plastic doob tube to keep your pre roll fresh.

A silicone dab container helps you transport small amounts of wax in a heat-resistant, non-stick puck.

You can store your herb in a small detachable zipper mylar-lined stash pouch and tuck a lighter into the mesh pocket.

All of these goodies are held securely by nylon elastic straps within an odor resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant case, measuring 7” x 5” x 3”. The exterior of the case also features a way to hook the case to your backpack, beltloop or keychain for added on-the-go convenience.

  • Size: 7” x 5” x 3”
  • Odor resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant case
  • Nylon elastic straps

Ships from Los Angeles, CA

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer -

Customer Reviews

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Carole H.

Indeed, I was Very Happy! Just the thing on the road. All together, tight & odor proof.