Vortex Metal Grinder 63mm - Gun Metal

Product code: 23013

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Are you a seasoned smoker looking for a reliable herbal grinder or are you new to smoking weed and don’t know how to use a grinder? Either way, the Vortex Metal Grinder is both intuitive and cost-effective enough to make a perfect first-time pot grinder while being trustworthy enough to satisfy connoisseurs. This rugged grinder uses rows of diamond teeth to shred through the stickiest of buds, easily reducing them to fine grain ready for the packing. The built-in mesh screen and included pollen scraper allows you to separate the THC-saturated kief for use in concentrates or to top off your bowl. These grinders are easy to keep in pristine condition since they disassemble into 4 pieces, allowing you to get every nook and cranny.
  • Size: 63mm
  • 4 Part grinder
  • Heavy duty
  • Mesh screen
  • Diamond teeth
  • Pollen scraper included
  • Color: Gun metal