White Glass Concentrate Containers | 38mm - 9ml - 320 Count

Product code: EBJCR9W

$0.63 per unit

$201.60 per case

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These icy concentrate dab jars are perfect for concealing and storing your concentrates. Ideal for not only storing concentrates, but ideal for storing waxes and oils; these 9ml glass dab jars are a trendy and inconspicuous way to package your top-shelf products.

These glass concentrate jars are compatible with plastic child resistant caps to meet state cannabis compliance.

In addition, the ultra-hygienic glass design renders concentrates easy to handle with no mess while providing better oxygen resistance than plastic. 

  • $0.63 per unit
  • 320 units per case
  • Capacity: 9ml
  • Neck Outside Diameter w/ Thread: 35.6mm 
  • Neck Outside Diameter w/o Thread: 34.8mm 
  • Neck Inner Diameter: 28.6mm 
  • Neck Height: 13.2mm 
  • Measure from top finish to top edge of the first thread: 1.4mm 
  • Material: white/frosted glass
  • Usage: Concentrates