White Plastic Child Resistant Jar Symmetric Jar 2 oz - 53mm - 800 Count

Product code: EBRBCR2OZ-WJ

$0.29 per unit

$234.00 per case

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Mixing and matching your favorite caps with these rounded plastic jars is not only fun but convenient. With so many arched and straight-sided child-resistant caps to select from, you will not have to go anywhere else for your marijuana packaging needs. These 2 oz plastic jars are perfect for storing all your flower or dry buds. Paired with child-resistant caps, you’ll be state-

compliant and safeguard your products’ moisture and freshness. Wherever you go these inconspicuous jars are the ideal travel companion for you or your consumers While you’re at it check out our custom packaging services. You can rest assured that these jars can be fully customizable with our fast and clean label application services.

  • $0.29 per unit
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 2 grams of flower or dry buds
  • Use with: Flower, Edibles
  • Compatible Child Resistant Screw Cap
  • Mouth diameter: 47mm
  • Base diameter: 58.4mm
  • Height without lid: 38.1mm
  • Jars & Caps Sold Separately

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