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Buttonless Stylus Vape Battery with USB Charger | 280mAh - White Plastic - 510 Thread


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Compact and sleek, this Vaporizer Stylus Battery, equipped with a USB Charger, is the perfect travel companion for those on the go. The Stylus Battery is compatible with all 510-threaded attachments, making it easy to find replacements, USB chargers, and most pre-filled or refillable oil vape cartridges. Charge wherever you find a USB port--be it a computer, tablet, laptop or in your car’s center console.

This buttonless vape battery is the epitome of simplicity; simply draw from your automatic vape pen as the unit heats your oils or cannabis concentrates to the ideal heat for potent hits. Simple and lightweight, this vape pen can easily be concealed in any pocket or bag.

What is the USB Vape Charger?

This vape pen USB charger is the handiest method for perfectly potent hits on the go. With its simple, sleek design and versatile capabilities, it is no wonder the vape pen with charger is everyone’s go-to smoking method.

The vape pen is the most convenient weed pen charger on the market due to its compact design and compatibility with nearly all refillable or prefilled oil vape cartridges and USB chargers. A dab pen charger is just as necessary to have on hand as a phone charger, and fortunately, with a USB port, you can charge both!

This USB pen charger also contains a stylus tip that you can use on any touch screen surface, whether it is your cellphone, iPad, or any favorite technology device you seem fit. Considering its compatibility with nearly all tech-savvy devices, feel free to plug your oil vape pen charger into any available USB port for a bit of juice, so you can happily hit your handy device on the go.

Why Does My Business Need the USB Vape Charger?

The vape pen USB charger is in high demand, and this buttonless incognito design is perfect for everyone. It is a staple within the cannabis industry and has proven to be a trend that is not going anywhere any time soon.

This vape pen is rechargeable, reliable, draw-activated, and easy to use. With its LED light indicator, you never need to question when you get the perfectly potent hit. The LED light also informs you when your USB vape pen has a low battery or is charging sufficiently.

The USB vape charger keeps convenience just an arm’s reach away so that you can take casual hits throughout your day. With its compact size and sleek design, it fits perfectly in your wallet or back pocket. The vape pen USB charger always comes in handy for those long days hiking or at the beach, keeping you in sync with your busy lifestyle.

How Do I Order a 510 Vape Pen Stylus Charger?

Obviously, the weed pen charger is a must-have to ensure future sales success in any company within the cannabis industry, and selling a universal dab pen with charger is the perfect package deal for consumers and customers alike. The 510 thread battery keeps your vape pen ready to go when you need it, keeping convenience just one hit away.

To make matters even more straightforward, Marijuana Packaging provides a hassle-free shopping method to view an impressive assortment of oil cartridges, vape pens, and vaporizer mouthpieces. Hence, all your cannabis company needs are just one click away.

Whether you require CCell batteries with luminescent color options, the epic 510 thread USB charger, or branded cartridge tubes and filling machines, Marijuana Packaging is the industry-leading one-stop online shop with price beat guarantees. Enjoy our easy-to-navigate site, with fast shipping, customized orders, and an impressive selection of all things cannabis-related wholesale!

The good news continues because the more products you buy, the more you can save. Don’t hold off on your charger for vape pen purchase!

  • Sleek and inconspicuous design
  • Stylus tip: Use on any touch screen surface
  • LED Light Indicator: An LED light, at the bottom, will illuminate every time you take a draw
  • Low Battery Indicator: The LED light will flash when the battery is low
  • Easy Charging Process: An LED light on the USB charger will turn red while charging

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INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

Buttonless Stylus Vape Battery with USB Charger | 280mAh - White Plastic - 510 Thread

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