Plastic Oral Concentrate Syringes | 1mL - 0.1mL Increments - 100 Count


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Plastic Oral Concentrate Syringes | 1mL - 0.1mL Increments - 100 Count

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The rising use of tinctures means that cannabis operators need to be stocking up 1mL oral syringe units in bulk.

What Is A Oral Concentrate Syringe?

The medical industry commonly uses syringes to administer all sorts of medication, as we’ve seen through the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. However, syringes for ointments or other types of oral treatments are pretty standard to see in hospitals and pharmacies across the country. While they are necessary for injections, they’re beneficial for storing liquids and oils.

As cannabis evolved with technology, dosing syringes have played a significant role in advancing the medical cannabis community for oils, liquids, and other types of concentrated methods.

Much like crumble and shatter’s role in spiking sales with concentrates, tinctures are now familiar to find in medical and retail dispensaries. CBD oral syringe enthusiasts have preferred the oral method rather than the combustion. Plus, they’re far more versatile. The measurement markings guarantee even distribution with an oral dosing syringe, whether topical or direct oral consumption.

The explicit use of a 1mL dosing syringe for liquid substances with more potent cannabinoid extracts is for oral consumption. While shatter is a bit more sticky and far less fluid, Rick Simpson Oil is a highly-potent liquid that only requires the tiniest bit to feel its effects. As they’re most commonly called, RSO syringes are the easiest way to have a controlled administration of each dose to ensure accuracy.

For those unfamiliar with the wonders of Rick Simpson Oil, it is a high-level THC extract for topical or oral consumption. Each 1ml oral syringe of RSO can contain upwards of 600 mg of THC, though that number can vary from each supplier’s source. Regardless, there’s a considerable punch packed in small amounts of RSO syringes that make it incredibly easy and hassle-free to consume.

Where To Buy Plastic Oral Concentrate Syringes

Marijuana Packaging boasts a range of concentrate packaging options, from extract containers to various dosing syringe options. The 1ml oral syringe evenly distributes liquids in .1 mL increments with distinct scale markings to ensure measurements. Each box comes with 100 units with a price-beat guarantee. We pride ourselves on top-quality distillate syringe selection at excellent prices that are hard to find anywhere else.

Additionally, the customization options provide businesses with an opportunity to personalize their units at a minimum order quantity. Vertically integrated companies seeking to bring products directly from their farm to dispensaries can quickly secure custom syringes for their businesses. We also have an in-house team of graphic designers with exceptional experience to help bring your vision to life.

As cannabis consumers, both recreational and medicinal, find new ways of consuming cannabis, businesses need to stay prepared for these transitions. Laws change from state to state, and compliance regulations continue to evolve rapidly. Marijuana Packaging can ensure that your business receives quality packaging material that adheres to compliance laws.

Plastic 1mL Oral Syringe For Tinctures And Topicals

A plastic 1mL oral syringe distributes potent cannabis oil in small increments. RSO syringes are becoming a mainstream method of incremental consumption.



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