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Simplify your cartridge filling process with our cartridge filling machines. These machines are designed for efficiency and precision, saving you time and effort in your production process. With our wholesale prices, investing in these machines is a smart choice for your operations.


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THOMPSON DUKE | MCF1 Semi-Automatic Oil Filling Machine System | Fill 5000 Cartridges in 1 Day

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THOMPSON DUKE | MPM Mouthpiece Fastening Machine | Fasten 800 Cartridge Mouthpieces in 1 Hour - 1THOMPSON DUKE | MPM Mouthpiece Fastening Machine | Fasten 800 Cartridge Mouthpieces in 1 Hour - 2
THOMPSON DUKE MPM Mouthpiece Fastening Machine
Fasten 800 Cartridge Mouthpieces in 1 Hour

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Cartridge Filling Machine

The cartridge filling machine has revolutionized and expedited vape cart manufacturing in an unprecedented way. If your team is still filling vape cartridges by hand, we applaud your patience and hard work, but you’re overdue for an upgrade. Buying a distillate cartridge filler machine is a no-brainer once you realize how beneficial they can be to your entire business.

Hand-crafted cannabis goodies are no doubt appreciated. However, as legalization ramps up across the nation, so is the demand from the modern cannabis community. A community of forward-thinking, overworked, multitasking, go-getting parents, college students, two-job workers, overwhelmed caregivers, and striving entrepreneurs. A community of people who crave efficiency and convenience in their medical and recreational cannabis routines.

Concentrate vape cartridges offer that efficiency and convenience in a way no other cannabis products do. As more and more cannabis consumers seek potent, discreet vape carts for quick hits of relaxation highlighted by enticing flavors, concentrate vape manufacturers are left to fill the supply for their demand. The concentrate oil filling machine makes it easier than ever to fill hundreds or even thousands of vape cartridges per day, expediting your production and satisfying your insatiable customers.

At Marijuana Packaging, we carry the best of the best vape cartridge filling machine designs. Follow along to learn more about the most efficient and trusted names in the auto cartridge filler game.


What Is A Cartridge Filling Machine?

A vape cartridge filling machine is designed to efficiently fill hundreds or thousands of vape cartridges in a matter of hours. With the right cartridge filling kit, your company can begin producing an unbelievably high number of vape carts on a daily basis. But there are two kinds of cart filler machines - the automatic cartridge filler and the semi-automatic cartridge filler - and both have their advantages.

An automatic cartridge refilling machine (as it can also be called) does almost everything for you. After setting it up, the operator just needs to fill the heated oil reservoir, set the filling volume, place empty vape carts into the filling tray slots, and the vape cartridge filler will do the rest. Some auto cartridge filler machines - like the Thompson Duke one in our collection - can also be adapted to fill concentrate dab syringe applicators. These automatic oil refill machine designs fill thousands of cartridges in a matter of hours.

The semi-automatic distillate cartridge filling machine is also incredibly helpful and efficient, but it doesn’t produce anywhere near as many filled vape carts in a day as the auto cartridge filler. But the semi-automatic cart filler is substantially more affordable than the automatic cart filling machine.

That being said, the automatic distillate cartridge filler is a lucrative investment that starts paying for itself after a while. The more vape cartridges you can produce, the more you can sell, the more you can continue to expand. If the automatic THC or CBD oil filling machine is within your budget right now, we highly recommend investing in it. But if your company isn’t quite there yet, the semi automatic oil filling machine is a fantastic place to start ramping up your production.


What Kind of Concentrates Can A Cart Filling Machine Work With?

Different cart filling machine designs/brands can handle different kinds of concentrates, but most have several in common. As you likely know, in order to be vapable, cannabis concentrates need to have relatively low viscosities and special qualities that make them safe to inhale. Some cannabis oils, like popular CBD oil for oral consumption, for instance, are technically thin enough to be vaped (and flow through the vape cartridge machine) but are not actually safe to inhale in that form.

The variable volume cartridge filling tool has a tiny aperture for filling the tiny vape cartridges. Distillates are by far the most common concentrates used to fill vape carts - their incredibly low viscosity works well with both the semi automatic cartridge filler and the automatic vape cartridge filler. Plus, distillates are incredibly potent extract formulations that deliver the strong, soothing effects most vape consumers are searching for.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) extracts are also great for using in the oil filling and packing machine - they retain more plant components than distillates and provide smooth, potent, and often flavorful vape liquids. CO2 extraction is also one of the cleaner and safer extraction methods (compared to solvent extraction), which is an attractive quality to the modern, health-conscious cannabis crowd.

Live resin is surging in popularity as a viable, delicious, powerful, and clean vapable concentrate. Its low viscosity makes it perfect for use with the automatic or manual cartridge filling machine. But when it comes to higher viscosity concentrates, most cart filler machines have heated cartridge filler components that relax the concentrates into a more liquid form so they can travel through the cart filling machine.


Does My Business Need An Oil Filling Machine?

Whether or not your business needs a THC or CBD oil cartridge filling machine depends on your company’s current situation and future goals. Are you currently manufacturing vape cartridges by hand, or do you have an old manual distillate cartridge filler? If so, it may be time to invest in an automatic oil filling machine to ramp up your production. If you’ve been dragging your feet on buying one, this is a sign that you should take the leap and invest in a cartridge machine.

When you bring a pen cartridge filling machine into your operation, production multiplies by the thousands every single day. If one of your goals has been to increase your vape cart production, whether because of demand or to break further into the market, a vape cartridge filling machine can help you achieve that. The more you produce, the more available on cannabis dispensary shelves, the more your brand name circulates in the cannabis community.

The awesome thing about both of our distillate cartridge filling machine options (semi automatic and automatic) is that they’re compatible with all kinds of vape cartridges. So, whichever technology style your brand uses or is looking into, our two Thompson Duke cart filler machine styles can act as an AVD Liberty, or CCELL cartridge filling machine.

Speaking of our vape cartridges, you can get everything you need for your cartridge manufacturing operation in our extensive cart packaging collection. From our vast range of batteries and empty vape pen cartridges wholesale to our diverse selection of vape tube styles, sizes, and customization options, we have everything you need to produce, distribute, and market your dream vape cartridges.

Remember, branding is essential in this saturated market.

Which Kind of Cart Filling Machine Should I Consider?

If you’re running a smaller-scale operation with a tight-knit, hardworking team, a semi automatic THC or CBD oil cartridge filling machine may be all you need. The semi automatic Thompson Duke distillate cartridge filler loads up to 5,000 vape cartridges in a day (depending on the viscosity of your concentrates/the pace you work at) - compared with filling by hand, that’s an unbelievable daily increase.

If you’re running a larger-scale operation, producing multiple cannabis products including multiple concentrates/vape cartridges, an automatic cart filling machine is pretty much a necessity. Even with dozens of hardworking employees on a vape cartridge filler line, there’s just no comparison to the Thompson Duke automatic cart filler machine’s output - it fills 1,600 vape cartridges per hour.


Where to Buy A Cartridge Filler

The best cartridge filling equipment, including the best automatic cartridge refill machine for sale, is right here at Marijuana Packaging. If you’re considering a distillate cartridge filling machine, you’ve likely figured out that quality ones don’t exactly come cheap - as we’ve mentioned a few times, vape cartridge filler machines are no doubt an investment. But when you shop with us, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best prices on the very best vape oil cartridge filling machine brand in cannabis packaging.

Thanks to our price beat guarantee, our cartridge refilling machine price points are within reach for all kinds of companies. The more affordable, semi automatic oil filling machine is a great jumping off for smaller, newer vape cartridge companies or dispensaries. It’s approximately ⅓ of the cost of the automatic distillate cartridge filler machine.

While many are deterred by the automatic cartridge refilling machine price and opt for the semi automatic, it may be worth saving a while longer until you can purchase the fully automatic machine. The way it expedites your production is simply unmatched. However, if your operation is on a steady upward trajectory and you’re just not ready to invest in the fully automatic cart filler, the semi automatic is a wonderful stepping stone on the way to the automatic.

Cartridge Filling Machine - The Bottom Line

Investing in a quality THC or CBD oil cartridge filling machine is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a vape cartridge manufacturer. As the modern cannabis community clamors for efficient, convenient, and increasingly potent cannabis products, us folks in the cannabis industry have to shape up or ship out. Automatic or semi automatic vape cartridge fillers make it easy to stay ahead of the game and become more productive than ever.

Before you go, we want to let you know that in addition to cartridge filling machines, we also carry several pre rolled cone filling machines. Pre rolls offer a similar level of convenience and efficiency to the recreational use crowd as vape pens - there’s no muss, no fuss, just a quick spark and smoke. If you’re looking to ramp up your pre roll production in addition to your vape cart production, we highly recommend looking into a cone filling machine - some of them can fill hundreds of joints in matter of moments.

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