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Custom Branded Labels & Automated Label Application

Take your branding to the next level with our custom branded labels and automated label application service. Not only will your products look professional and cohesive, but with our low wholesale prices, you can brand everything without breaking the bank.


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Custom Logo Stickers

Business stickers can spruce up your products with a personal touch to let your customers know the weight your brand carries.

No matter what industry you're in – food, medicine, travel – brand familiarity goes a long way in sustaining a business. The use of brand stickers can easily elevate your company's presence in the cannabis market by simply reminding customers what companies are bringing quality products.

The current climate of the cannabis industry is a bit janky since it remains federally illegal. However, among the many states that have introduced cannabis reform laws, businesses are booming. Cannabis is no longer sold in dime bags but with custom logo stickers in proper packaging.

Custom cannabis labels are integral for businesses trying to raise brand awareness and remain compliant in the face of the ever-evolving industry. Custom labels for jars, for example, can also serve as a means of keeping marijuana products tamper-evident and serve as custom packaging labels.

Using company stickers is an easy way to adhere to the compliance laws in your state and remind your customer base that your business is here to provide quality.

While many businesses in the industry are pretty new, establishing the branding element can seem tedious. Creating a logo for company stickers might require a bit of time, but our in-house team can assist with your customizing needs.

What Are Custom Logo Stickers?

Custom logo stickers are personalized labels that include your company's logo and anything else you'd like to have. Custom marijuana labels are versatile in fitting your needs, whether it's as tamper-evident labels or emblazing your logo on products to ensure that customers are aware of your brand.

Specifically, custom packaging labels have proven to be an easy and effective way to build brand awareness. However, in the current legal climate, most compliance laws require companies to specifically include the brand's name, the THC percentage, the source of the product, and other information.

Naturally, the use of custom logo stickers can quickly resolve these issues and keep your business compliant. Brand stickers are practically found in every other industry and, similarly, force businesses into adhering to specific packaging requirements, but that doesn't always mean that it has to be bland.

Custom stickers are the easiest way to spruce up designs and turn your product into an eye-popping magnate for consumers. It also helps with identifying different products.

Let's say your business sells pre-roll spliffs. With suitable color schemes, a company could use pre-roll labels to help differentiate Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

Another perk of having branded logo stickers for your business is keeping consistency among your products. If you're the type of business that boasts different collections under your umbrella, custom logos for packaging can help save a unified aesthetic while differentiating the variety you offer.

What Kind of Custom Logo Sticker Designs Can I Get?

The better question is, what kind of custom logo sticker designs can't you get? Having a logo to slap on custom cannabis stickers is necessary for any operator trying to get their name out further in the industry. Custom logo stickers are not limited to cannabis brands but every type of business imaginable.

Medicine label brand stickers include other information describing the contents within the container. Even canned foods that you find at the grocery store use printed logo stickers that have business information and nutritional facts.

While not all businesses have established eye-popping weed labels, it can sometimes be a trial-and-error effort. Sometimes, the initial logo for a start-up business isn't the most attractive. So, there's an evolution to adequately capture a brand's essence on paper, and it often depends on the graphic designer you work with.

Unfortunately, the best graphic designers often work at higher rates, which most budding companies often find difficult to fit within a budget.

On the plus side, with a low minimum order quantity, and a team of in-house designers with exceptional experience with some of the biggest brands, we can bring your vision to life.

Marijuana Packaging strives to collaboratively work with our clients to create stunning custom cannabis labels. From concentrate labels to generic business stickers to adhere to compliant regulations, there are no limitations in creating custom cannabis packaging and stickers.

Marijuana Packaging is a top choice for bulk cannabis packaging and custom cannabis labels. We're the one-stop-shop to stock your shelves up with the necessary utilities for your dispensary, including stickers for businesses.

Why Does My Brand Need Custom Business Stickers?

Bringing custom packaging stickers into your business can be helpful for various reasons, like a freebie for each purchase. However, the multi-use company logo stickers can help with simply labeling individual products or even as an instrument for tamper-evident requirements. Mylar bag labels are standard for businesses, especially when adding state-mandated hazard warnings, but that's also similar to custom edible stickers.

Stickers for businesses are an easy way to bring brand awareness to your company, especially with the suitable packaging material and a complimenting logo. Between color schemes and simple logo designs for branded stickers, your company can gain prominence and familiarity with not only your customer base but the industry as a whole. Most businesses need brand stickers for concentrate labels.

Stickers for logos are an incredible way to spread your brand's name. People love free goods, and a handful of business logos stickers are affordable ways to introduce new people to your company.

However, the company stickers are also readily applicable to various products. A generic pill bottle or plain wholesale mylar bags are blank slates to slap on company logo stickers.

Custom Tube Labels

Whether you're seeking options for pre-roll tubes or cartridge tubes, we have a plethora of options available for custom company stickers. Our design team can either take your logo or create a new one to create designer logo stickers to apply to tubed packaging. They can also include any warning labels required by the state.

Custom Pop Top Labels

Medical companies often use branded stickers on pop-top tubes before putting their products on shelves, and cannabis companies should consider doing the same. Pop tops, glass, or reversible caps provide superior child-resistant technology, but the inclusion of custom logo stickers can not only add some personality but further meet compliance regulations, too.

Additionally, medical operators can also get their hands on custom RX labels. Our design team can bring your business vision to life and create professional, simple designs for company stickers that offer patients a clear-cut understanding of the products they are purchasing. Custom cannabis labels with medical descriptions can help medical operators differentiate medication for patients and recreational items for adult use.

Custom Concentrate Labels

Whether you're looking for custom dropper bottle labels for tinctures or glass jars for cannabis flowers, there are a variety of company logo stickers to choose from. These can also work as tamper-evident packaging.

Business logo stickers for concentrates are available to add to the lids of product packaging. Slapping small circular business stickers on the jars can easily change how your products are perceived. The circular custom logo stickers are also similarly applied to grinders.

As for dropper bottles, the custom packaging labels wrap around the surface area similar to tubes or pop-top labels.

Generally speaking, businesses can use stickers for logos for practically anything, from lighters to edibles and everything in between. Our quick turnaround rates and incredible design team will ensure that your company is equipped with the correct custom logo stickers for packaging to elevate your brand.

How to Get Custom Logo Stickers

By now, you should know that Marijuana Packaging has your back with whatever your needs are, including custom weed labels. Our experienced team of designers can whip up attractive logos for brand stickers.

Plus, the tedious process of applying the company stickers to packaging doesn't need to be another task to squeeze into your hectic schedule. We have solutions to help deliver your orders for business logo stickers promptly.

The process begins with simply filling out our form with the necessary details and the information on your order of business stickers. From there, our representatives will contact you to finalize your company stickers order and begin processing.

Custom cannabis labels are an easy way to differentiate the many products you're selling. Many of our clients seek different custom strain labels to identify Sativa, Indica, or hybrid flowers. Similarly, the correct brand stickers can also help personalize vape cartridges, edible packaging, and even promotional stickers for businesses to hand out at future events.

The application of custom cannabis labels can be incredibly time-consuming. The beautiful thing about working with Marijuana Packaging is that we boast automation services. Automatic labeling can take the stress away from individually applying stickers for businesses on the packaging. Qualifying for our automation services requires a minimum quantity of 10 cases of brand stickers.

For all of your business stickers needs, there are a variety of styles that you could choose from, as well. Company stickers can be holographic, shiny, matte, and even cut into custom shapes.

Marijuana Packaging can facilitate all of your custom company stickers needs, especially as the cannabis industry expects an even bigger green rush in the years to come. The competition in the sector is bound to get more fierce, but bringing eye-popping stickers for businesses can be the first step towards coming out on top.

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