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Simplify your rolling process with our range of rolling machines. Designed to make rolling faster and easier, these machines are a boon for every smoker. With a variety of options available at great wholesale prices, getting the perfect roll has never been this easy.


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OCB | 'Retail Display' 1 1/4 Rolling Machine | 83mm - Plant Composite - 6 Count - 1OCB | 'Retail Display' 1 1/4 Rolling Machine | 83mm - Plant Composite - 6 Count - 2

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RAW | 'Retail Display' Rolling Paper Machine | 79mm - Hemp Plastic - 12 Count - 1RAW | 'Retail Display' Rolling Paper Machine | 79mm - Hemp Plastic - 12 Count - 2

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ZIG ZAG | 'Retail Display' Cigarette Rollers | 78mm - Easy Rolling - 12 Count - 1ZIG ZAG | 'Retail Display' Cigarette Rollers | 78mm - Easy Rolling - 12 Count - 2
ZIG ZAG 'Retail Display' Cigarette Rollers
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RAW | King Size Cone Loader Filling Device Six Shooter - 1
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Joint Roller

Learning how to twist up a joint is no longer a rite of passage in the cannabis community, especially when rolling machines are available.

Once upon a time, cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts would scoff at anyone who couldn’t roll a joint. It’s not necessarily a complicated process, but it takes some time to master. However, with a joint roller, new and old smokers won’t have to get weed crumbs under their nails to get a perfect splif every time.

Now, we should say that the joint rolling machine isn’t a new invention or concept. These devices have been around for nearly 150 years under the guise of a cigarette roller. These days, you can find a machine to roll joint in bulk, mainly for commercial sale. The high-end machine that rolls joints deliver results in impressive time. Sometimes, it can produce hundreds of pre-rolls in a matter of seconds. The same goes for a blunt rolling machine that saves the consumer the hassle of unravelling a cigar and rolling it back up with their favorite herbal blend.

Whether it’s a cone rolling machine for paper brands or a handheld weed paper roller to get the perfect spliff, a joint roller is easily one of the best tools for efficiency. Instead of having to spend time learning how to roll a cannabis joint, there’s a machine that’ll do it for you! It would be best to have your papers and a joint filter tip; then, you’re set.

What Are Joint Rollers?

A rolling machine is a device that can mechanically assist humans in rolling joints. There are manual and automated versions of a joint roller machine, each with specific benefits.

A joint roller is the same as the traditional cigarette rolling machine, created by American inventor James A. Bonsack. As the story goes, Bonsack took up a challenge from the Allen and Ginter company, which was looking for someone to invent the rolling machine for cigarettes. Eventually, the Bonsack machine launched a revolution in the tobacco industry that, of course, changed commercial cannabis production and sale.

These days, the Bonsack machine’s evolved into the blunt rolling machine and even the pre-roll filling machine. However, the handheld joint rolling machines remain a fixture at headshops. It’s an excellent addition to the inventory for dispensaries and smoke shops across the country.

Using a joint roller is nothing short of an easy process. From crushing up your cannabis in your favorite grinder, to placing a rolling paper in the slot and watching a joint form, the easiest way to get straight to your nighttime spliff is with a joint roller.

How to Use Joint Rolling Machines

Some might feel that hand-rolling is a complicated process. And for those people, the convenience of using a blunt rolling machine isn’t worth compromising to learn by hand. People are dedicated to their joint roller machine for understandable reasons. Not only is a cigarette roller easy to use, but it will also give you the perfect joint every time. All you need are your joint rolling papers, herbs, filter tips, and weed paper roller, and you’re set.

First, you will grab your blunt filter tips and put them on the side of your paper rolling machine. From there, ensure that you’ve finely ground up your buds and placed them inside the joint rolling machine. At this point, you’ll need to roll it towards you in a similar hand motion to manually rolling. This process will help form the shape of the joint before a rolling paper is introduced. As you create a tight shape that fits the filter from rolling towards yourself, use whatever papers you prefer and gently insert its sticky side into the rolling machine’s slit. Once again, you’ll use the blunt rolling machine to roll towards yourself before licking the sticky side. And Voilá, your joint roller creates a perfect joint that burns slowly and smoothly every single time.

Where to Buy Rolling Machines for Cannabis Joints

Whether you’re looking for rolling machines for personal or commercial use or trying to find a specific rolling paper brand, Marijuana Packaging is your one-stop shop for all your needs. We have options for a cone roller machine for your inventory to boost sales, especially with the rising popularity of cannabis. On top of that, we provide some of the best prices for paper rolling machine in bulk that you’ll be able to find.

You might be wondering what type of rolling machine you could find on MJP. Among our wide selection of products from RAW, are their famed joint roller. RAW has a few options for smokers on Marijuana Packaging regarding high-quality roll machines. From personal cone filling devices to the OG hand roller in various sizes, RAW’s joint roller is an excellent addition for loyal and dedicated RAW users.

Similarly, Zig-Zag has its own cigarette roller on the market. It’s a true-and-tried product that’s transformed the art of hand rolling. These are best used with Zig Zag papers.

Finally, OCBs introduced their hand-roller that fits their 1 ¼ inch papers. Even more, these hand rollers are made with plant composite and provide environmentally conscious customer's ease.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to make a bulk purchase of quality hand rollers for your dispensary or headshop, look no further than Marijuana Packaging. We have everything you need to have a fully operational marijuana business in the legal era.

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