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Add potency to your smoking experience with our dab syringes. Precise and easy to use, these syringes are available at unbeatable wholesale prices.


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Plastic Oral Concentrate Syringes | 1mL - 0.1mL Increments - 100 Count - 1Plastic Oral Concentrate Syringes | 1mL - 0.1mL Increments - 100 Count - 2
Plastic Oral Concentrate Syringes

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Luer Lock Glass Dab Applicator Syringes

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Child Resistant & Luer Lock | Glass Dab Applicator Syringes | 1mL - 0.25mL Increments - 100 Count - 1Child Resistant & Luer Lock | Glass Dab Applicator Syringes | 1mL - 0.25mL Increments - 100 Count - 2

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Dab Syringe

Dab syringes: what are they and are they worth buying for your cannabis business? A dab syringe, which has about 20 different names (most of which we’ll use and explain in this article), is used for storing and dosing a couple of concentrate forms. These include oil, sauce, and distillate, such as the famous Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or CBD oil. The dab syringe, also called a cannabis oil syringe, has made storing and dosing concentrates exponentially easier for commercial cannabis consumers.

Whether or not you need a distillate syringe for your business depends on who you’re marketing toward and what kinds of concentrates you plan on producing and/or selling. The concentrate syringe offers a level of convenience to the dabbing and concentrates game that hasn’t really existed before. With so many modern cannabis consumers looking for convenience and potency above anything else, dab syringes may be exactly what your customer base is looking for.

One thing we want to mention is the term “wax syringe” - wax is a super thick, sticky cannabis concentrate that cannot generally be put into syringes. While there may be ultra-malleable wax formulations out there that can be squeezed out of a dab syringe’s narrow opening, most wax concentrates are simply too thick.

However, the term “wax syringe” is often used interchangeably with “dab syringe” and “distillate syringe” and we want to make sure that doesn’t confuse you about what you can put into the syringes on our site. Without further ado, let’s dive in and talk about the cartridge syringe, THC syringe, CBD syringe, wax syringe, hash oil syringe, rosin syringe, whatever you want to call it!


What Is A Dab Syringe?

There are several concentrate oil syringe varieties designed for different concentrate viscosities (thicknesses). The most popular and convenient concentrate syringe varieties often have dosing marks (scale marking) so consumers can precisely measure out their dabs.

Precision, convenience, and potency are some of the top priorities of concentrate consumers - using classic dab tools works fine, but it can be tedious, messy, and wasteful at times. Our wholesale syringes for concentrates make dab dosing convenient and precise, and we assume you’ll take care of the potency aspect.

Most THC and CBD oil syringe options are equipped with an oil syringe applicator, which is essentially a long, thin tube that sticks out from the end of the cartridge syringe. These applicators can look a whole lot like real needles sometimes, but they are absolutely not real needles and are not meant for injecting concentrates into the skin.

The syringe applicator is meant to offer precision dosing that reduces concentrate waste as well as over or under-dosing from human error. While you cannot overdose from THC or CBD, you can certainly get too high VERY easily if you dab too much concentrate at once.

How Do You Fill A Concentrate Syringe?

In order to fill these syringe wax cartridges, you can use a syringe for filling carts, which is a time-consuming process. When you fill cartridges with a syringe by hand, you risk wasting time while your competitors use more efficient methods.

Distillate syringe dabs are no doubt easy and convenient, and they’re quickly gaining popularity among those searching out those kinds of consumption methods. When it comes to filling vapes, the use of a vape cartridge refill syringe is a highly preferred method for manual filling.

However, there are some varieties of vape cartridge filling machines that can be adapted to fill certain types of oil syringe cartridges. For example, some of our Thompson Duke vape cartridge filling machines are adaptable for some cannabis oil syringe varieties, particularly the glass ones.

Our purchasing department can run compatibility checks to verify the bulk syringes you purchase are compatible with the filling machine you’re looking at. Those machines ramp up cartridge syringe production by hundreds or thousands of dab syringes per day compared to filling by hand.


Can I Use A Wax Syringe With All Concentrates?

No, not all cannabis concentrates are compatible with syringe packaging. Dab syringes can be used for liquid or thin paste concentrates such as oil, distillate, sauce, and high terpene extract (HTE). Some live resins may also be malleable enough to put in a live resin syringe, though not all resins are liquid/soft enough.

If you recall, the distillate dab syringe (like most other syringes) is equipped with a syringe applicator - a teeny tiny tube that concentrates must be malleable enough to squeeze through.

Concentrates like wax, crumble, and isolate are pretty much always too thick, solid, or straight up incompatible with an oil syringe for cartridge. Isolate, a powder concentrate, could technically fill the volume of a clear dabs syringe, but would not be able to travel out of the tiny applicator syringe for oil cartridge.

Wax is a sticky, semi-malleable, solid concentrate, and crumble is a fragmented, dryish, semi-malleable concentrate. Neither concentrate naturally fills the volume of a CBD syringe or THC syringe, and even if a manufacturer packed it in there, it would not be able to squeeze out of the syringe for the oil cartridge applicator.

And before you think about warming the concentrates to make them malleable enough for the glass syringe distillate, you must know that it would denigrate or completely destroy cannabinoids.


What Concentrate Syringe Types Are Available?

We have a vast collection of empty distillate syringe options just begging to be filled with your gooey and liquid cannabis concentrates. Clear glass and plastic concentrate oil syringe varieties with dosing marks are the most popular; they embody the true purpose of the marijuana syringe (yet another name for the dab syringe!): precise dosing.

Clear distillate syringe packaging with dose marks allows consumers to see and measure exact amounts of concentrated cannabinoids. However, we also make a handful of opaque glass and plastic syringe for oil cartridge options.

While opaque cannabis oil syringe options don’t allow consumers to measure using dosing marks, they’re some of the sleekest cannabis packaging that we have on our entire website. We’re talking metallic and matte glass concentrate syringe styles - they’re simply beautiful.

Whichever kind of bulk syringes you choose, we recommend pairing them with the Luer tip syringe applicator dab needles. Luer Lock tips are used on a wide variety of syringes beyond concentrate oil syringe styles. They’re regarded as one of the most secure ways to ensure wax syringe contents won’t leak or be accidentally ejected from the tip or injected into something/someone. Because of this, they are a popular distillate syringe.

However, you don’t need Luer Lock tips, and not all syringes are compatible with them, but we just recommend them for a little extra security and leak protection.

Plastic Bulk Syringes

We make five varieties of clear plastic bulk syringes with dosing marks:

  • 1mL with 0.1mL 0.33mL marks
  • 3mL with 0.5mL marks
  • 5mL with 1mL marks
  • 10mL with 1mL marks
  • 1mL with 0.1mL marks compatible with the Luer Lock tip

All of these are plunger syringes that can be used as a live resin syringe, rosin syringe, hash oil syringe, CBD oral syringe, and more.

We also carry two colors of child-resistant Luer Lock DymaPak Twistspencer plastic dab applicator syringes with tips included. These are some of the coolest concentrate syringe styles - they’re essentially all in one dab syringe tool kits.

The opaque, child-resistant design makes the DymaPak syringe for oil cartridge a compliance packaging dream. While clear syringes need extra syringe packaging (opaque exit bags and child-resistant packaging) to meet safety standards, the Dymapak concentrate syringe checks those boxes on its own.

* You may still need tamper-evident distillate syringe packaging depending on your state’s laws. Always be sure to verify and meet the cannabis packaging laws in your state before purchasing packaging.

Glass Bulk Syringes

We make four varieties of clear glass syringes with dosing marks and one clear glass syringe with no dosing marks:

  • 1mL Luer Lock dab applicator syringe with 0.25mL marks
  • 1mL Luer Lock dab applicator syringe with 0.1mL marks
  • 2.25mL Luer Lock dab applicator syringe 0.25mL marks
  • 1mL Luer Lock dab applicator syringe with metal plunger and 0.25mL marks
  • 1mL dab applicator syringe with no marks

We also make opaque gold or silver 1mL Luer Lock glass dab syringes with no markings. These syringes are simple, beautiful, and incredibly unique. Metallic silver and gold dab syringes filled with cannabis concentrate check all the boxes for modern cannabis consumers: luxurious, convenient, potent, sleek, and trendy.

Just as gold foil rolling papers catch people’s eye at dispensaries and smoke shops, these flashy syringe for oil cartridge options fly off the shelves. (Psst - we also carry Shine gold rolling papers in our smoke shop collection).

Wax Syringe Tips

In addition to our collection of wax syringe THC dosing options, we carry a handful of dab syringe applicator tips - some for Luer Locking onto dab syringes and some for using in an automatic filling machine. Remember when we mentioned how some vape cartridge filling machines can be adapted to fill a THC syringe, CBD syringe, live resin syringe, rosin syringe, hash oil syringe, and more? Well, our replacement tips make that process easy as pie.

Our dab applicator syringe tips come in various length and gauge varieties, ranging from 0.5 to 2 inches long and 14 to 18 gauge. While you don’t NEED Luer Lock tips (or even tips at all) for most syringes, they make dosing even more precise and accurate than the syringe can on its own. We highly recommend at least offering syringe tips alongside your filled concentrate syringes in case your customers are looking for them.


Does My Business Need Distillate Syringe Packaging?

Dab syringes are certainly surging in popularity with the modern cannabis community, but do you need them at your business? That all depends on your customer base or on the customers you plan on drawing in with new products.

It also depends on what types of cannabis concentrates you already make/sell or what types you plan on manufacturing/selling in the near future.

If you run a medical or recreational dispensary, you probably already carry various concentrates, including the popular ones like THC vape cartridges and CBD oil in dropper bottles. You may also carry concentrates intended for dabbing like wax, crumble, resin, etc.

Are they popular amongst your customers? Do your customers inquire about other/more concentrate types? If so, you probably do want to test out dab syringes in your shop and see how people respond to them.

People who love dabbing are very invested in the world of concentrates, and dab syringe packaging is one of the easiest ways for them to quickly measure out their dabs. Most dabbers have a favorite concentrate type but are typically open to trying new things, new formulations, new flavors, and new techniques. After all, dabbing is far newer and shinier than sparking up a joint (which, don’t get us wrong, is still a fantastic way to enjoy cannabis).

Our collection of plastic and glass dab applicator syringes offers several options for testing the dab syringe market in your shop. If you want to start small, try the 1mL plastic syringes with dosing marks. These are simple, unpretentious, and super easy to use, which will be helpful for those who are interested in buying and trying but have never used dab syringes before. Of course, our glass concentrate syringes with dosing marks are also easy to use and lend a more upscale look to your dab syringe selection.


Where to Buy the Dab Syringe Wholesale

Marijuana Packaging is the absolute best place to buy wholesale syringes for concentrates and distillate syringe packaging. Our range of dab syringe size, material, and style options makes it easy to choose the best kind for your concentrates and the vibe of your business.

Whether you want to launch a line of luxury concentrates in shiny gold glass syringes or simply offer minimalistic plastic concentrate syringes, we can get you started with an affordable order of bulk syringes.

Our reusable and disposable syringe wholesale price points are the lowest in the cannabis packaging industry. How, you ask? Because we have a price beat guarantee! Forget searching “oil syringe near me” or “cheap dab syringes” - our dab syringes are the least expensive, highest quality, and can ship the same day you order them (if you order by a certain point in the day)! As soon as you decide on a syringe style, we’ll get your glass or plastic syringe bulk order out to you right away.

One more thing you’ll need to consider when purchasing dab syringes is distillate syringe packaging - as in blister packaging, cardboard tubes, mylar bags, and other options that will meet your state’s regulations and keep your customers’ syringe purchases safe until they open them at home.

Our syringe blister packaging allows you to add customizable cardboard inserts to make your syringes stand out on the shelves. Plus, the mylar bags, cardboard tubes, and other cart packaging options are also customizable!

If you’re going to bulk buy plastic syringes, we highly recommend investing in an automatic cartridge filling machine that can be adapted to fill dab syringes. The Thompson Duke filling machines are an excellent option for this - with one of those machines, you can fill hundreds or thousands of dab syringes AND vape cartridges every single day. If your production is ramping up, an automatic filling machine is a must-buy.

The Bottom Line

Do you NEED dab syringes for your cannabis business? Maybe not. But should you consider getting them to appeal to modern cannabis consumers and concentrate connoisseurs? Absolutely. Like we said, test them out with just a small order of wholesale syringes and see how your customers respond. If you already know you have dab-loving customers patronizing your shop, we all but guarantee they’ll be over the moon if you start offering concentrate syringes.

On the topic of offering modern and exciting concentrate options, we want to remind you that we also carry a full line of vape cartridge packaging. That includes glass vape pen cartridges wholesale, cartridge mouthpieces, batteries, and those automatic filling machines! Plus, fully customizable cartridge packaging to make your products stand out more than any other brand. We’re your one-stop shop for packaging and marketing cannabis concentrates in a legal, safe, modern, efficient, and exciting way.

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