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Torch Lighters

The "torch" in torch lighters might conjure images of prehistoric people hoisting flaming sticks to either explore or to scare away predators. However, a butane torch lighter is a very modern improvement over traditional lighters.

The flame of a standard butane lighter always points up – sometimes leading to scorched knuckles. But, a butane torch lighter flame never flickers, always points in the same direction, and won't get snuffed out in a strong breeze.

The tech-forward design makes many a mini torch lighter the perfect collector's piece for people who love gadgets. A torch lighter requires special attention, but the benefits are worth it.

For many, lighter fluid creates a foul odor that detracts from the smoking experience. Using high-quality butane fuel makes the best butane torch lighter virtually odorless.

It pays to have a quality butane lighter in the smoke circle. The best butane torch lighter offers quality fuel for all smoking experiences. Even cheap torch lighters can be a valuable commodity.

When you shop at our online store for wholesale torch lighters, you'll find a selection of child-proof torches with critical safety lock systems. And high-quality butane provides clean fuel and helps clear the jets of our wholesale lighters. Whether you're looking for a state-of-the-art dab torch or a classic BiC lighter, we have the bulk lighters you need at wholesale prices.

A butane lighter is among the top products people look for when entering a smoke shop. They're essential for blunts, pipes, joints, and bongs. We carry several varieties of wholesale torch lighters and a 3-tier wooden retail display shelf that houses up to 140 lighters!

Compared with disposable lighters, you can refill the butane lighter many times.

Most butane torch lighters feature a safety lock that avoids accidental ignition. Turning the Fire Lock to lock position prevents the ignition button from pressing down. Turning the safety lock to the lock position while simultaneously pressing the Fire Lock button keeps a continuous flame without pressing the trigger.

A torch lighter for dabs isn't an everyday purchase for many cannabis consumers, but for dab smokers, they're essential for heating the nail on a dab rig.

What Are Torch Lighters?

A butane torch lighter is a superior tool for lighting smokeables. The typical smoke shop lighters range from butane torch lighter for dabs to disposable lighters. It's essential to understand the differences.

A mini torch lighter requires careful attention, but the benefits are worth it. In windy conditions — on a boat, on the golf course, or sitting outside on a windy day — even cheap torch lighters won't flicker out.

The intense heat from bulk lighters is enough to vaporize organic matter. For many, using lighter fluid instead of butane creates a foul odor that takes away from the smoking experience. The best butane torch lighter is practically odorless.

A butane torch lighter creates a precise air-propelled needle-like flame. It also burns extremely hot – about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The fire of traditional lighters isn't air-propelled. Their flames will dance and flicker, while a butane torch lighter maintains a solid, consistent flame.

The flames of traditional lighters aren't air-propelled. Their flames will dance and flicker, while a butane torch lighter maintains a solid, consistent flame. For example, if you're outside on a windy day, even cheap torch lighters won't flicker out. The same can't be said for an inexpensive disposable lighter (or worse, matches!)

What Kind of Butane Torch Lighters Are Available?

Marijuana Packaging has a variety of large and small torch lighters available online.

The best butane torch lighter is refillable and, better still comes with a fuel window to see exactly how much life the lighter has left. A dab torch lighter can also include high-capacity fuel tanks for more time before the next fill-up.

We have a wide selection of torch lighter sizes, from our 3.5" Metal Cigar Torch Lighter to our 7" Blazer Big Buddy metal torch with a safety lock.

Our Big Buddy Metal Torch adds a hot vibrant style compared to an ordinary dab torch lighter. Bursting with personality and rich, vibrant colors, they have an adjustable flame and built-in child-lock safeguards to keep control and safety at the forefront. These awesome butane torch lighters make excellent dab torches, but the control over the flame makes them great utility lighters as well.

Our 4.5" Grip Scorch Torches are great for applying precision heat to concentrates. The fully adjustable flame gives complete control to heat dabs to perfection. The handle provides comfortable, convenient handling. And a child lock safety mechanism keeps security a priority.

The Newport Cigar Torch is one of the most popular torches because of its uniquely modern, classy appearance. The lightweight torch features a safety adjustable flame switch and a Child Proof safety lock system. The Torch comes with a sizeable 28.8ml fuel tank.

The 4.6" BLINK butane torch, a trusted and beloved essential dabbing tool, got a colorful upgrade. The best-selling BLINK torch is available in four new colors: cobalt, crimson, gold, and silver. These easy-grip dab torches are made from high-grade metal and are equipped with a safety lock. BLINK takes an essential item up several notches.

The iconic Rick & Morty dab torches celebrate one of the cannabis community's favorite animated shows. More than a novelty item, these powerful hand torches are adorned with psychedelic scenes and are precise, easy to operate dabbing essentials. These torch lighters raise the bar on your dabs so high you might think they're portal guns. Invite Squanchy and Birdperson over to enjoy your new torch lighter. These fantastic Rick & Morty torches have a safety lock and an easy-grip design; they will have you dancing and shouting "wub-a-lub-a-dub-dub."

Like magpies, we are often drawn to shiny things. The new Techno High Angle Metal Torch with Safety Lock has a sleek and simple design that is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. It perfectly mixes aesthetics with functionality. The minimalist neck angles upward and away from consumers' fingers as it sits on its flat base. The safety lock ensures that no one gets hurt while mesmerized by the torch's compelling design.

The high-quality Black and Gold Newport Cigar Torch has so much style and class it might be the last torch you ever need. At 6" inches in height, the lightweight design of the Black and Gold torch is straightforward to use. The cigar torch comes with a large 28.8 ml fuel tank. The Torch features a safety adjustable flame switch and a Child Proof safety lock system.

While it's not always necessary for every marijuana lighter, it's vital to have an adjustable flame for a dab torch lighter. Many of our wholesale lighters feature a safety adjustable flame switch and a Child Proof safety lock system.

Be aware that, despite the convenient size of many of our butane torch lighters, TSA rules prohibit any lighters that look like guns or other weapons. Butane or lighter fluid containers are prohibited from carry-on and checked baggage. All chef torches, micro torches, utility torches, etc., are prohibited in carry-on and checked baggage.

When shopping for cheap lighters bulk, be sure to check out Marijuana Packaging first!

How to Use Torch Lighters

Whether you're using the torch lighter for dabs or cigars, there are some essential things to consider when using dab lighters.

Butane is a gas at room temperature, so it must be under pressure to become liquid. Lighter fluid comprises heavier carbon compounds, including pentane and hexane, which are liquid at room temperature. Because both are highly flammable, it's essential always to be careful.

Always use high-quality butane gas for your butane lighter. There should be no open flame while filling the blunt lighter. Butane canisters like the BHO 5x Premium Refined Butane provide a clean fuel without impurities which can help clear the butane torch lighter's jets.

If necessary, the butane lighter can be vented with a pointed object. Press the filling nozzle until there is no more hissing noise. The torch lighters will be empty of gas and air.

To fill typical cannabis lighters, turn the can with the gas and the lighter upside down.

Whether it's a large or small butane lighter, check the flame height before lighting your dab to avoid positioning it too close to the flame.

Where to Buy Butane Lighters

Marijuana Packaging has the best selection of butane lighters for sale. We carry a diverse collection of bulk torch lighters for you to choose from. And our Price Beat Guarantee makes sure you pay less when you buy lighters in bulk.

Marijuana Packaging offers custom lighters, too! A custom printed mini torch lighter lets you use beautiful art and logos to make your product pop. Our design team can go beyond a generic marijuana leaf logo to create a personalized product just for you.

In addition to wholesale lighters, browse through our selection of dab tools for sale by visiting our wholesale dab rigs collection page.

And, if you're looking for something specific, using the filter options helps narrow the results to find the particular options to buy bulk lighters online. Marijuana Packaging makes it easy for you to find precisely the torch lighters you're looking for.

Be sure to check out our variety of other smoking accessories for all of your different cannabis needs to complement your purchase of bulk lighters.

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