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Custom Branded Promotional Items

Our assortment of custom branded promotional items is designed to capture your audience's attention. Featuring your logo, these items become a walking billboard, all while being offered at an irresistible wholesale price.


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Custom 100% Natural Hemp Tote Bags - 1
Custom Branded 100% Natural Hemp Tote Bags

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Custom Branded Rolling PapersCustom Branded Rolling Papers - 2
Custom Branded Rolling Papers

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Custom Branded Rolling Trays - 1Custom Branded Rolling Trays - 2
Custom Branded Rolling Trays

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Custom Branded Grinder Labels - 1Custom Branded Grinder Labels - 2
Custom Branded Grinder Labels

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Custom Branded Lighters - 1Custom Branded Lighters - 2
Custom Branded Lighters

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Custom Printed Lanyard - 1Custom Printed Lanyard - 2
Custom Branded Lanyard

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Custom Match Boxes - 1Custom Match Boxes - 2
Custom Branded Match Boxes

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Custom Silicone Mats - 1Custom Silicone Mats - 2
Custom Branded Silicone Mats

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Custom Ash Tray - 1
Custom Branded Ash Tray

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Custom Glass Water Bottle - 1Custom Glass Water Bottle - 2
Custom Branded Glass Water Bottle

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Custom Printed Informational, Business & Post Cards - 1Custom Printed Informational, Business & Post Cards - 2
Custom Branded Informational, Business & Post Cards

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Custom Logo Design - 1Custom Logo Design - 2
Custom Branded Logo Design

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Custom Promotional Products

Custom promotional items will elevate your marketing and business, which we know is your goal. We all know that promoting your business is one of the most important aspects of growing a flourishing company.

Custom promotional products are the perfect way to make your mark on your industry. Promotional items with logo can get your brand out loud and clear and are essential to any good marketing campaign.

Promotional items are also essential in the cannabis sector as it continues to expand. As the marijuana industry continues to boom, cannabis promotional items are instrumental in establishing existing companies and promoting new ones.

Laws change – and for the most part, grow more lenient – every election cycle; this is why cannabis brand products are essential to get out onto the market. Branded promotional marijuana products that are cannabis-centric are the perfect way to make your mark on this industry and have customers coming back for more.

We provide you with quality cannabis promotional products to add to your business. Marijuana Packaging can provide the knowledge you need to decide to use custom promotional items.

What Are Custom Promotional Products?

Business promo items are products branded with your logo to get your name out to the public. Custom promo items are advertisements for your company that can bring in more customers and brand recognition.

When you offer company promotional items, it is one of the most innovative marketing moves you can make. These items can create conversations between customers about your brand and increase your presence in the community.

Events & Giveaways

One of the best ways to use custom promotional products is at events and product giveaways. Offering promotional products at events like concerts and conferences are all examples of perfect locations to provide branded promotional products.

Events like these have high attendances and many people walking around; potential customers will likely see your products, and others will see them carrying your logo.

A trade show is another essential event to offer branded promotional packaging and products. Often trade shows will allow your business a booth to promote yourself. Cannabis trade shows will enable you to market products and your company to others in the same field.

These events can lead to collaborations with other businesses. It also means your cannabis promotional items will reach potential customers looking to expand their knowledge of marijuana companies.

Giveaways to offer custom promotional products go hand-in-hand with events! While it might be counterintuitive to provide free products, the generated profits will outweigh the expenditures.

What Kind of Custom Promotional Items Can I Get?

Custom Promotional Cannabis Items

Your company can apply personalized promotional items to cannabis-related items and other products! Branded promotional products can go the extra mile for your marijuana business.

Custom rolling trays are a fantastic way to connect with customers; every smoking connoisseur knows how beneficial they are. Branded rolling trays are great in giveaways since they have high value and will be a hit.

Customers are looking for easy-to-carry branded promotional items, especially at events. Custom matchboxes and custom lighters are ideal custom promotional items due to their portability and how often they are used. Most cannabis consumers use these lighting tools regularly, so offering these items will make a mark they can carry with them!

Custom grinders are also exceptional promotional items with logo. Grinders can differ vastly in size, and you can choose one that will highlight your customization! Grinders have longer reusability than most cannabis products.

If a customer finds the right grinder, they can use it for as long as they want. Grinders also have similar portability as matchboxes and lighters, so they are also great for offering at gatherings.

Custom Promotional Non-Cannabis Items

Non-cannabis branded promotional items can be just as beneficial as cannabis items for promoting your business! Just because items are not cannabis-specific does not mean you cannot put your cannabis brand logo on these items.

Lanyards are one of the most popular promotional items with logo you can offer. They are practical (especially at events where people have badges) and can be fully customized. What better way to advertise your brand than with people wearing your custom lanyards?

Your business can also brand business promotional products on water bottles. Most people use water bottles, so branding them can be a great business move. Reusable water bottles will appeal to the eco-friendly consumer, motivating them to continue to look into your brand.

Branded promotional packaging can also come in the form of tote bags. We offer your logo to be plastered on bags; this allows customers to carry your other branded products out conveniently. Reusable bags are also sustainable and environmentally conscious, which customers value and look for.

All the products mentioned above are examples of how you can elevate your brand with wholesale promotional marijuana products. These items will all make an impact and build your brand.

Why Does My Brand Need Custom Promotional Products?

Company promotional items are essential to building your brand. Every company hopes that their products are out in public, circulating and sharing.

There are many ways why your company needs custom promotional items, and we have compiled a few of the most significant reasons! Marketing is the name of the game when it comes to promotional products, and these reasons all achieve that goal.

Customer Outreach

We have discussed above how branded promotional products are perfect for events with many people. The practical uses that most of these items provide are reused, passed on to friends, talked about, and much more. Reaching as many customers as possible is the goal with business promotional products, and by offering these items, you are growing customer brand recognition and loyalty.


We touched on it briefly above, but let’s delve a little more into how promo items with logo allow you to network within the cannabis sector. As the industry grows, like-minded businesses are looking to collaborate and work together.

When you offer company promotional items at networking events, other companies can see your brand and reach out to work with you. Networking events help generate business and form strong bonds within the industry. These relationships can be essential for your business, and they can all start with custom promotional items.

Business Growth

We all know growing your business is the goal, and promotional items with logo are here to facilitate that! Business promotional marijuana products may increase your leads and your profits. Customers will target your businesses frequently when they have your custom promotional items. Branded products also allow you to stand out among the competition.

How To Get Custom Promotional Items

Marijuana Packaging offers some of the best services to get your custom promotional products out there. We have low minimum order quantities (MOQs) compared to other customizers in the industry. Our MOQs allow you flexibility with the number of items you purchase to be custom branded. Bulk promotional items that are branded are easy and fast with our services!

Step-by-Step How-To

We have a highly talented team of designers that can design the perfect logo for you. If you already have a logo, you can upload it online for our team to print on the promotional items with logo. Once your dream logo is in place, the rest of the steps are simple!

The next step is to fill out a simple form on our website — simple information like your business name, desired quantity, and contact information.

And the final step is pretty exciting – it’s to wait. But do not worry, you do not have to wait very long! One of our outstanding representatives will contact you within 24-48 hours. We know that you want to get custom promotional products as fast as possible, which is why we are contacting you ASAP.

After these steps are done, we will work closely with you to provide your business with any branded items you might need. We have a fast turnaround time, so you will not have to wait to get your products once an order is placed.

Promotional Items in Bulk & Wholesale

When you buy bulk promotional marijuana products, you are bolstering the bottom line for your company. We offer bulk as wholesale custom promotional items. Essentially, you can get cheap promotional items of high quality at a lower price. Low prices will allow your business to provide a lower retail cost.

Custom promotional items are meant to be mass distributed, and this is why buying in bulk at wholesale prices is the best option for you. Wholesale promotional cannabis products will allow you to buy from Marijuana Packaging at cheaper rates, which helps your business profits. Buying bulk promotional items also ensure you have the right amount of product you need.

The Bottom Line

Promotional items with logo are the best way to build your marketing strategy and business. Cannabis packaging design goes hand-in-hand with branded promotional packaging, and we can help create packaging to product experience for your company.

With custom promotional products, your brand will soar. We want to help you grow your profit margin and your company. Since Marijuana Packaging offers customizable items, we can help you achieve this goal. We cannot wait to work with these amazing promotional products with your business.

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