116mm Custom Branded Pre-Roll Tube & Label Combo

Enhance your brand with our all-in-one packaging solution! This service includes custom printed labels, 116mm pre-roll tubes, and label application—everything you need in one convenient package.

Simply upload your design, select your finish, and let us take care of the rest.

Please note: Production time for this package is approximately 3 weeks. We will ship your order once it is completed.

Custom packaging has never been easier!
  • High quality, permanent vinyl labels
  • Designed specifically for our 116mm pre-roll tubes.
  • Pick your finish with full color printing
  • Pick your tube color
  • We even apply them for you!
As low as

Tube Color

Tube Color







child resistance



Dieline Templates + Specifications


Bleed Area
Extend your background to fill this bleed area to avoid any white gaps when the sticker is trimmed. Ensuring a complete background fill can significantly enhance the final look of your product.

Trim Line
This is where the system will trim your sticker. Proper alignment with the trim line ensures a perfect edge every time.

Safe Zone
Any important elements like text, logo, or illustrations, are recommended to be placed inside this safe zone to reduce the risk of them being cut off. Positioning your key elements within this zone guarantees their visibility and integrity.

Download Our Design Template

Photoshop File (.psd) Illustrator File (.ai) InDesign File (.indd) PDF File (.pdf) Artwork Guidelines
Feeling Lost?
We understand printing can be hard to navigate. With all the industry terminology it can be quite difficult to understand what is happening. Here are some best practices when it comes to ordering your own 116mm tube labels.
CMYK Make sure your files are set to CMYK. This helps ensure your colors come out properly when printed.
Text Make sure your text is legible and always proofread your design.
DPI Images are always recommended to be set at 300ppi/dpi
Outline Ensure all your text is outlined. Alternative terms for “outlined” can be referred to as flattened, rasterized, expanded appearance, and vectored.
Dieline Always use the dieline we provide when submitting your design.
Check Always double check your industry standards and compliances.


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