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Use the best cannabis packaging wholesale silicone containers to keep dabs fresh. Your live rosin works great in non-stick silicone wax containers.


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Clear Concentrate Containers w/ Screw Top Cap & Green Silicone Insert | 5mL - Plastic - 100 Count - 1Clear Concentrate Containers w/ Screw Top Cap & Green Silicone Insert | 5mL - Plastic - 100 Count - 2

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Non-Stick Multicolor Concentrate Containers w/ Cap | 5mL - Silicone - 250 Count - 1Non-Stick Multicolor Concentrate Containers w/ Cap | 5mL - Silicone - 250 Count - 2

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Silicone Dab Containers

Dabbing is gaining popularity among people in search of adventure, especially millennials and Gen Z. This is probably due to the high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in dabs compared to the traditional mode of consumption. Since millennials and Gen Z are the top cannabis consumers in the nation, it would be wise for your business to cater to their never-ending dab appetite.

Dabs are cannabis concentrates that consumers can heat up to vaporization level using a dab rig. Concentrates can come in different forms including shatter, rosin, distillate, and wax.

Before customers can enjoy their cannabis concentrates, they need a place to store them. As a cannabis manufacturer, you also need to package your concentrates. This is where a silicone concentrate jar comes in. It is not impossible to package concentrates in other containers, but for a good customer experience, non stick silicone containers are a perfect choice.

In the world of wholesale, packaging concentrates at first proved tedious until the use of silicone containers. The popularity of silicone concentrate containers for dispensary packaging is not only due to its non stick property, but also its cost.

For manufacturers and concentrate suppliers who are curious about the silicone wax container, we have taken our time to explain them below.


What Are Silicone Dab Containers?

Dab containers are made using non-stick material including plastic, silicone, and borosilicate glass. They come in varying sizes that allow them to be made in shapes that easily fit in any bag and moved around seamlessly.

The abundance of beneficial attributes posed by silicone has made it a popular choice for manufacturers. Silicone dab containers aid the storing of concentrates efficiently without any hassles. This has made them a favorite for storing dab concentrates. It is also perfect for concealing contents considering the different available colors and shapes.

It is also important to know that a silicone dab holder is specifically made from synthetic rubber. This rubber is a methodical combination of silicon and oxygen. Silicon is an element that doesn’t appear naturally on its own, but can be found in abundance in sand and rock.

Wide Usage of Silicone Dab Containers

Silicone jars are one of the most popular dab containers in the industry. They’re airtight, reusable, and non-stick! The silicone slick surface makes it possible to collect every drop of concentrate, reducing waste for your customers.

The use of materials made with silicone changes for different professions and fields ― not only in the cannabis industry. Silicone is all around us. You will find its usage in different auto parts and notably for cookware. However, silicone jars dab wax container may become one of the most popular silicone-made items pretty soon!

This wide usage made it more logical and understandable to adopt into the production of non stick silicone containers.

Other Popular Types of Dab Containers

Even though a non-stick silicone jar is preferred for most custom concentrate packaging, there are other dab containers in the cannabis industry. The clear concentrate containers with a screw top are designed with a white silicone insert for safer storage and ease of use. These can also be ordered in mini to large silicone containers. It comes in different volume sizes including 5mL which can hold up to 1g of concentrates.

Glass Dab Containers

Just as the name suggests, glass dab containers are made from glass. Just like a silicone concentrate jar, glass is non stick but less durable. It needs to be handled with more care and might be heavier. But, most of our glass dab containers are child resistant, which is great for compliance packaging.


Multi-compartment containers can be made with glass, wax, or silicone. They have more than one compartment to house concentrates. Multi compartment concentrate containers make a perfect choice for cannabis lovers who will like to switch up their routines with different concentrate types.


What Types Of Silicone Containers Are There?

Silicone wax container bulk can be designed in different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are silicone wax container sizes designed in the shape of a honeycomb, human skull, hamburger, Lego, heart, oil drum, cloud, and the list does on. These shapes can be custom-made depending on the targeted experience for customers. Pretty much, you can add any design or structure to a silicone wax holder if you really want to!

We have options for the most popular silicone wax container sizes. The mini silicone containers for wax measure 5mL in volume. The small silicone containers for wax measure 7mL in volume.

While the big silicone dab containers measure 10mL and the large silicone dab containers measure 15 mL in volume. It should be noted that large silicone containers are the preferred choice of some users.

Here are some of the common variations available for concentrate packaging:

White Non Stick Concentrate Containers

This silicone dab holder is designed in different sizes depending on its usage. Do you want it placed in the pocket of customers’ pants or bags? These small silicone containers for wax measure 5mL in volume and can hold up to 1 gram of concentrates, however, a 7mL size is also available. We sell this variation with caps.

High Clear Non Stick Concentrate Containers

This non stick silicone jar comes with a cap and can be placed in a child proof packaging bag and moved around easily. Our high clear non stick concentrate containers come in the 5 mL size. Let your consumers get a clear look at your gooey goods with a clear concentrate container.

Platinum Cured Silicone Containers

These platinum non stick concentrate containers also come in the popular 5mL size. The lush Platinum cured silicone containers look will help your product stand out. As you can see, this size is the most profitable because manufacturers can break down their concentrates to grams and half grams.


Why Are Silicone Concentrate Containers Good For Wax?

The notable characteristic of a silicone dab container is its non stick property. Aside from this, what makes silicone concentrate containers good for wax?


The silicone weed jar is resilient. It can be described as being unbreakable. This is because the material they are made of is methodically engineered using alternating chains of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms. This combination is the secret to its durability.

Heat Resistance

Silicone concentrate containers can withstand high and low temperature better than typical rubber and plastics. Silicone shatter containers can survive under a temperature of 150oC without experiencing any structural deformity. Its heat tolerance can even be extended to 200oC for more than 10,000 hours. This property contributes to its cleaning. Cannabis users do not need to worry while cleaning their non stick silicone containers in a dishwasher.


Terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor of marijuana concentrates. Storing concentrates in containers that have odor of their own can contaminate their constituents. This is why silicone is a better storage option. It is odorless and would not interact with terpenes composition. It will also help retain the flavor without contaminating it. Make sure that your silicone containers bulk are odorless.

Stainless & Easy to Clean

Silicone containers are non-stick, therefore, they are stainless. However, for cleaning such as when dusty, the surface only needs a wipe or use of a dishwasher (if you prefer) for thorough cleaning. Above all, maintaining a silicone concentrate jar is in no way tedious. Large silicone containers are just as easy to maintain as smaller ones.


You can showcase your brand as being eco-friendly by using silicone containers for your concentrates packaging. Although silicone is not biodegradable, it can be recycled. Plastic, for instance, is made from petroleum products. But silicone is derived from non-toxic silica, an element abundant in the sand. Buying silicone containers bulk is better for the environment.

Cost Effective

Due to the wide availability of silica and ease of manufacturing, silicon is cost-effective. Despite its numerous advantages over other containers for concentrates, silicone concentrate jar remains cheap. Even large silicone dab containers can save you money over alternatives.

Safe to Use and Carry

Silicone is safe to use for wholesale edible packaging. This is evident in its approval by Canada Health Agency and the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The silicone weed jar is also lightweight. Putting it in your pocket or bag does not add much weight and when mistakenly dropped, even on your legs, the impact is minimal compared to dropping a glass concentrate container.


Does My Business Need The Silicone Wax Container?

The above is the right question for marijuana manufacturers to ask. The fact that silicone dab containers offer numerous benefits for wholesale packaging does not automatically make them suitable for all dispensary products wholesale. Instead, such a decision should be based on whether silicone wax container bulk is what your brand needs.

Below are five questions you may ask yourself to make the right decision.

Who Are My Customers?

Your targeted market should determine the type of wax container you should consider. For bulk packaging of concentrates and shelf display, you may want to consider glass dab containers. But if you are thinking of making and/or distributing smaller batches of concentrates, then silicone dab containers can be considered.

What Is My Brand Message?

Every brand has a message they want to communicate. An ideology and philosophy that transcends the primary product. If you want your brand to communicate a commitment to a better climate and safer world, you may want to consider silicone concentrate containers. Custom silicone containers bulk can also be designed to sprawl your message and purpose all over with the packaging.

Which Container Is Good For Compliance Packaging?

Of course, you want your packaging material to comply with cannabis law. Most of the time, these laws are directly affected by the regulation of other edible and medicinal products. An airtight silicone container prevents concentrates’ flavor from escaping the packaging, but ours are not child resistant. If your state requires child resistant packaging and you want to use our silicone dab jars, you’ll just need to place them in some sort of external child resistant packaging for sale our check out our glass concentrate containers.

Which Container Will Be Easy To Maintain For Customers?

Concentrates are quite expensive and a way to allow customers full access to their purchase is with the use of silicone dab containers. Its non stick property allows users to be able to make use of all the concentrates they purchased without losing any content to the container itself. Using a silicone puck will also save them the stress of consequent cleaning. With hash oil silicone containers, for instance, you can guarantee your customers an all-time neat appearance in an easy-to-clean container.

How Will Customers Transport Concentrates For Recreational Use?

If the end-users of your concentrates are likely to move around with it in their pocket or bags (which they surely are), use a silicone puck. It is lightweight and will avoid any unnecessary burden unlike the use of glass. Also, a multi-slot should be considered for the consumer who likes to carry around a variety of concentrates.

What Is The Cost Of The Container?

Avoid exponentially increasing your cost of production due to the choice of packaging. Silicone dab containers are cheap and easily available to purchase.


Where To Buy The Silicone Jar Wholesale

Now that you are ready to buy silicone dab containers for your wholesale packaging, here are some things to consider before choosing a supplier.

Years in Business

Many suppliers in the cannabis industry take years to build their proficiency. Before choosing any wholesale supplier for non stick silicone jar, make sure they have a considerable number of years serving customers like yours.


Any company with the intention of remaining in business for a long time cares about its reputation. Check if a supplier has the required certification and/or license to sell the silicone wax container wholesale. Where they source their silicone puck is also important.

Customers’ Reviews

There is no better person to explain the experience that awaits you than a customer who has already experienced it. Check online, read through reviews on their site and third-party websites.

Custom Packaging

Silicone wax container bulk should be available in custom design. You probably will prefer your brand name printed on your concentrates. Always check if the supplier is capable of this.


The use of a silicone puck for your concentrates should not make your product pricing skyrocket. Compare pricing with different suppliers before making your choice.

Marijuana Packaging ticks all of the boxes. Plus we offer a price beat guarantee! With many years of serving customers in the marijuana industry, our company has gathered a sufficient reputation and is highly regarded in the cannabis community. There is no better place to order silicone dab containers online!

Silicone Dab Containers - The Bottom Line

We sell silicone concentrate containers in different sizes including small silicone containers, and large silicone dab containers. You can also purchase a silicone dab holder at the best price. If you are looking for other concentrate containers, such as the shatter silicone container, we have many options available as well! Silicone is the best choice for concentrates that are not derived from butane extraction, and we’ve got all the reliable options for containers here at Marijuana Packaging.

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