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Maintain accuracy in your measurements with our digital scales. Reliable and easy to use, these scales ensure precise weight measurements for your products. With a range of models to choose from at wholesale prices, these scales make an essential addition to your kit.


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SCHULER SCIENTIFIC | NTEP Certified SH-Series SSH-6001 Scale | 6000g Capacity - 0.1g Readability - 1

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Weed Scales

What better way to ensure your cannabis product is exact, and none goes to waste than with a top-quality gram scale. Scales are a critical aspect of the marijuana industry and are needed at every process juncture. To ensure that your company is ran efficiently and compliantly, you need the best products. A digital weed scale has a clear display, and many scales also come with advanced features. From cannabis cultivation to production to manufacturing to selling, scales are used at every point in the marijuana industry. Regardless of the size of your business, scales are beneficial. Cannabis scales also come in various sizes for your specific company needs (more on that down below). Not only do they make your life easier, but accurate measurements are required to sell weed.

Any product sold in by weight must be measured by scales, which is why all our scales are certified by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). NTEP certifications also mean that a herb scale is traded legally. NTEP certified scales are the perfect way to ensure consistent and compliant products. A marijuana scale with this certification will put your customers at ease. Compliance packaging is a must for businesses, and compliance scales are no different. One of the best things about the cannabis industry is that safety is at the forefront; from child-proof packaging to NTEP certified scales, your customers will be protected! It also protects your business from liabilities that may stem–no pun intended–from non-NTEP certified scales.

Weed scales are a vital part of running any business in the cannabis sector. Why take any risk by having anything less than the most accurate scales in the industry?

What Are Weed Scales?

Weed scales are the best way to measure herb accurately. Weed scales measure to a hundredth of a gram and are more sensitive than average scales. A herb scale is considered marijuana processing equipment. These cannabis weighing scales are the most efficient way to provide compliance and accuracy to your business!

Uses for Weed Scales

Any weed cultivators should use weed scales before the cannabis is transported to the next stop! It ensures that the correct amount of cannabis gets delivered to businesses.

Weed scales are perfect when used at the manufacturing level. It’s the phase when your company will be filling pre-rolls, extracting cannabis, using an industrial grinder, and much more to create your amazing products! For example, if your company makes edibles, you will have to scale the correct amount of cannabis.

Dispensaries should use a marijuana scale when sorting out flower to go into jars or mylar bags. Customers will look to see the amount of flower before purchasing and often make their decisions based on the amount. This is why measuring weed with a herb scale is the best practice–and the required practice.

You can also use a digital weed scale for any scientific use. There is no doubt that marijuana is often the subject of numerous studies. It is essential to have an exact measurement in these studies, and a weed weight scale is perfect for that! Some scales for bud come with features like WiFi connections, printer connections, and data storage. This is all necessary, especially in the cannabis science sector!

A digital weed scale can also be great for personal use. We recommend your smoke shop sells personal use scales! Customers often buy weed in bulk and then measure what they are smoking; buying a pocket-sized weed weight scale from you will be the perfect way for them to do that! Additionally, in states where cannabis is not fully recreational and cannabis laws are still emerging, customers may only be allowed to have a certain amount of cannabis on their person. A personal scale can come in handy to ensure legality for packaging cannabis and possessing cannabis.

While a marijuana scale is the best choice for dispensaries, weed scales can also be used for various things. These scales are not one-trick ponies by any means. Anything sold by weight can be measured on an electronic gram scale! The versatility is one of the absolute best things that these scales have to offer! Companies that sell precious stones, food items, pharmaceutical products, and many more can benefit from using weed scales.

Why Your Business Needs Weed Scales

As mentioned above, it is necessary to have an NTEP certified weed weight scale to sell cannabis. However, there are several other benefits! Where to begin?

By accurately measuring cannabis, you are not over or undercharging customers. Cannabis weighing scales enable your business to package exact amounts. By providing correct weed amounts, you build customer trust and loyalty.

Using a scale for bud also cuts down on waste. Why “eyeball” an eighth when you can measure one precisely. It ensures your business will not lose money on over-packaging cannabis. By using the best scale for weed, you can get the most out of your product.

There are many reasons why weed scales are essential to the cannabis industry. Whether you are starting a new business or have been in the legal dispensary game for a while, having a top-of-the-line scale is essential to building your brand. A good scale can be a selling point to investors and customers alike.

How Are Weed Weights Measured?

Standard Weed Weights

A gram weed scale will measure weed by the gram. One gram is the smallest amount you can buy at a dispensary. Often your business will want to label products with alternative measurements that are common in the cannabis industry. An eighth is an extremely popular marijuana measurement and is 3.5 grams. A quarter is the next standard size up and is double an eighth. From there, you have half (14 grams), and an ounce is 28 grams. An easy way to remember these standard measurements is that they double in grams as the measures go up.

A weed weight scale can measure the amount in grams you need accurately! If your company deals with more significant amounts, scales also can be converted by a simple button touch to reading in pounds. Often cannabis cultivators will ship out pounds of marijuana, and industrial scales converted to pounds are perfect for this.

Accurate Weed Weight Measurements

An electronic gram scale is only critical for your business if it accurately measures cannabis. This is why it is essential to have a digital weed scale that automatically calibrates. This will lead to precise measurements. External calibrations are also vital as they allow you to control the scale–having a pot scale that offers both internal and external calibration is best!

What Kinds of Weed Weight Scales Are Available?

The weed weight scales are endless, but here are some of the main kinds we recommend for your business usage!


The wide and stable base of industrial scales provides an easy landing mark for any large-scale cannabis coming into your dispensary. We know cannabis businesses often have large amounts of incoming weed that need to be measured in bulk; this is why industrial scales are so handy! As long as it is an NTEP approved scale, industrial scales are perfect for your business, primarily when you work with high quantities of weed.


You can also use a digital weed scale for any scientific use. There is no doubt that marijuana is often the subject of numerous studies. It is essential to have an exact measurement in these studies, and a weed weight scale is perfect for that! Some scales for bud come with features like WiFi connections, printer connections, and data storage. This is all necessary, especially in the cannabis science sector!


A pocket NTEP scale is excellent for measuring smaller amounts of cannabis. When you have a small digital gram scale weighing smaller amounts of weed has never been so easy! The best pocket scales for weed can be used for personal and business use. Customers need to have reliable pocket scales to weigh their products, and dispensaries have to parcel smaller amounts of cannabis for sale. The pocket-sized scales are perfect for both uses.

Where to Buy Weed Scales

The best marijuana scale you can find is from us at Marijuana Packaging! We offer all the scales mentioned above, from personal to scientific use. We only provide the best cannabis scales for sale because we know how important accuracy and functionality are. We research the best scales, so you don’t have to. We offer scales with a 100 gram capacity to a 30,000-gram capacity and everything in between!

Pro Scale

The Pro Scale weed weight scales are prevalent for your business to offer for personal use in your stores! The Pro Scales we offer are the most minor scales with a 100-gram capacity. Each Pro Scale series comes with stainless steel and a cap to protect the display!

My Weigh

We offer My Weigh Triton series weed scales. The T3 digital weed scale is one of the most advanced pocket-sized scales on the market. A My Weigh pot scale is exceptionally durable, with a hardy hinged cap and non-slip rubber. Why worry about scales breaking when you do not have to? These weed scales can be used for personal use, but they also make great scales for dispensaries and smoke shops. My Weigh is one of the best scales for cannabis in the recreational industry!

Schuler Scientific

The Schuler Scientific brand is one of the best pot scales for sale. Don’t let the name fool you–while the state-of-the-art features are fantastic for science purposes, cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries alike love these weed scales for industrial and high-tech measuring. Schuler Scientific scales come with all sorts of innovative features, including but not limited to menu-driven operations, multiple weight modes, advanced means of communication, and balance parameter settings. These scales can also tell you the moisture in the weed, assisting with your quality control.

Wholesale Weed Scales

The best way to purchase a pot scale is at a wholesale price! We offer dispensary supplies wholesale because we know it benefits your company and your customers. Your business can keep costs low, and therefore you can provide products measured with a low marijuana scale. The best scale for weed is one that can help grow your business and keep your retail prices competitive! Cannabis supplies wholesale is always the smart choice to go when your business is stocking up on materials.

Weed Scales: The Bottom Line

Here at Marijuana Packaging, we also offer top-of-the-line products! Quality equipment and good branding are a must for setting your business apart from the rest. You’ll catch their eye with logos, labels, customization, and excellent products. We offer a talented group that can take your company to the next level with our products. When your business implements our quality weed scales, you take your company to new heights. Add extra professionality to your business with our weed scales! Whatever your weed scales are, Marijuana Packaging is here to help!

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