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Extraction Machines

Elevate your production process with our extraction machines. Efficient and reliable, these machines offer the best solution for large-scale production needs, all at excellent wholesale prices.


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EASY BUTTER | Magical Butter Extraction Machine - 1 Stick | Make Compound Butter in 10 Minutes - 1EASY BUTTER | Magical Butter Extraction Machine - 1 Stick | Make Compound Butter in 10 Minutes - 2

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Sizes Available: 2
EASY BUTTER | Magical Butter Extraction Machine - 2 Stick | Make Compound Butter in 10 Minutes - 1EASY BUTTER | Magical Butter Extraction Machine - 2 Stick | Make Compound Butter in 10 Minutes - 2

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Cannabis Extraction Equipment

The use of cannabis extraction equipment is becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis community. The machines are essential for extracting cannabis concentrates, weed butter, CBD oils, and THC tincture. They are the tools used to remove the coveted cannabis compounds from the plant. These compounds are the primary elements for creating marijuana edibles, oils, balms, and other products, making the extraction equipment practical for industrial and domestic use.

For this reason, cannabis brands should consider acquiring the marijuana processing equipment in bulk from a reputable store. Apart from increasing the types of products a company can produce, these tools could also improve the overall bottom line and become a profitable long-term investment.

What is Cannabis Extraction Equipment?

Cannabis extraction equipment refers to the tools used to draw out essential compounds from the marijuana plant. The uses of these instruments aren't limited to the cannabis industry; they transcend multiple sectors as they can extract beneficial elements from various herbs.

The most efficient thc extraction machine should produce potent cannabis concentrates and oils that are safe to use. Although there are many techniques people can employ to achieve this, most of these methods involve industrial-grade equipment.

However, the magic butter machine sold in our store boasts the impressive title of the world's first countertop botanical extractor. Due to this cutting-edge technology, it would be easier for businesses to make weed butter, which is a significant ingredient for cannabis edibles. Getting a cannabis extraction machine from our store will also help reduce production time since they are among the fastest devices to infuse without straining.

What Kinds of Cannabis Extraction Machines are Available?

There are two main types of cannabis extraction equipment available on our online wholesale store; the Magical Butter Self-Cleaning Botanical Extraction Machine and the Easy Butter Magical Butter Extraction Machine. These definitive tools could be the factor that helps your brand stand out from the competition.

The Magical Butter Self-Cleaning Botanical Extraction Machine

The Magical Butter Machine is among the first-ever countertop Botanical Extractors. Although this cannabis extraction machine can create weed oil, there are additional benefits to using them. The Magical Butter Machine can take several health-boosting herbs and infuse their essences into a wide variety of recipes including, oils, syrups, tinctures, balms, and more. You can even use your herb extraction machine to infuse herbal enhancements to some types of alcohol.

This weed oil extractor uses an intuitive yet easily understandable two-button process for operation. Due to this feature, tracking multiple creative infusion recipes won't be a problem for companies.

Easy Butter Magical Butter Extraction Machine

The Easy Butter Magical Butter Extraction Machine provides one of the fastest ways to infuse herbal butter and oil. The cannabis extraction machine comes with a one-stick and two-stick butter herb infuser.

The former can make one stick of butter or about a half cup of cooking oil, while the latter can make two sticks of butter and one cup of cooking oil in only a matter of minutes. Therefore, these cannabis extraction equipment are ideal for businesses that require quick ways to infuse herbal butter and oils.

What's more, the easy butter maker doesn't depend on electricity to operate, providing you with the freedom to make herbal butter or oil wherever you want. Plus, the stainless steel construction of the thc extraction machine will ensure its durability and longevity.

Where to Buy Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Our store is among the best places to source cannabis extraction equipment and other wholesale cannabis products for your legal dispensary. Apart from the elaborate selection of products, our prices are also unbeatable. What's more, given how vital a herb extraction machine can be for your cannabis business, buying it from an exemplary store like ours will ensure you get high-quality wholesale products.

Buying a weed oil extractor from us will also help increase the production speed of your firm. Our products can extract essential compounds from cannabis plants within minutes, helping you create more marijuana products in shorter periods.

You can also get compliance packaging at our store to go with your marijuana processing equipment. Our store can also customize your packaging to fit your brand's theme. Therefore, we can sort all your dispensary needs from when your products leave the thc extraction machine until they reach your clients.

Purchasing dispensary supplies wholesale from a reputable store is vital. Thankfully, you can get these high-quality bleeding-edge extraction equipment from our store at competitive prices.

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