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Custom Branded Cartridges & Batteries

From power-packed batteries to sleek cartridges, explore our broad selection of custom branded cartridges & batteries. With exceptional performance and your brand's logo shining on them, they offer a perfect blend of branding and utility at prices that cater to every budget.


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Custom Branded RAE Batteries

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Custom Vapes

Customizing vape cartridges and batteries is the first step to raising brand awareness and amplifying your company's presence in the highly-competitive cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry has changed since its sweeping legalization across states. Dry flower remains a common and popular choice among consumers. Still, other methods are available, from edibles and beverages to topicals and oils. Since there are a few inconveniences with smoking marijuana, dab carts are genuinely one of the most convenient methods of consuming cannabis. More marijuana producers have focused on producing high-grade branded vapes in the past few years. And personalized vapes are the best way to leap into the distillate market.

Customizable vapes are on the rise for cannabis operators accessing the right equipment to make distillate -- an extract containing nearly 100% THC or CBD. Businesses can use excess shake or trip, quickly slap their logos on it, and introduce something new to their line-up of cannabis with bulk custom vapes.

Just like mylar bags, customizing a dab pen with your own company's logo and designs adds an extra flair to the vaping experience. And custom cartridge packaging not only helps boost the visual draw for vaping enthusiasts but it offers an opportunity to work within the confinements of compliance regulation.

Marijuana Packaging is a leading company for all customizable products, and that certainly includes custom vape cartridges. Whether you're looking for blister packs for our custom 510 thread battery or personalized vape carts, MJP can customize any item with a low minimum order amount. Our in-house designers can also create eye-popping logos to spruce up your personalized vape pen and bring an aesthetic that matches the high-quality distillate.

What Are Custom Vapes?

Custom vapes are batteries and carts with THC or CBD distillate, including your brand and logo.

These days, it's easy to customize anything from t-shirts to smartphone skins. Cannabis businesses who have entered off of the premise of selling high-quality flower might find themselves surprised at how successful custom vapes are. Introducing custom vape pens to your clientele will bring a sleek new method of consuming cannabis without losing the familiarity that your business carries.

Generally speaking, designer vapes have two pieces: the cartridge and the cartridge battery. The thing is, custom vape cartridges have evolved, and there are a plethora of options to choose from. With various options to choose from, custom wax pen bulk has a similar process as other products on our website -- mylar bags, pre-roll tins, etc. -- with personalization options available to decorate your logo on the device.

If you don't have a logo, we have an in-house team with experience alongside the most successful brands in the business that can help create your vape pen design. Why not keep a consistent style between your buttonless vape and custom vape packaging?

The custom vapes can also come in handy for businesses with an expansive collection of different strains of distillate. Using cannabis packaging design to differentiate between the Indica vs. Sativa-dominant pens will bring personality to your products, as well. Purchasing bulk custom dab pens has never been easier with our quick turnaround times.

What Kind of Custom Cartridge Packaging Designs Can I Get?

The options to choose from are plentiful for a vape design to suit your needs and stay compliant in your state.

Before finalizing your custom cartridge packaging, it's necessary to know what type of dab pens you'll use. Some custom cartridge battery purchases require blister packs. In contrast, AVD batteries might be better off mylar bags due to their larger size. Some states also have strict rules regarding compliance and utilizing child-resistant technology. Luckily, we have a plethora of options and a team that will make sure to turn your purchases around quickly.

Among the many commonly found custom weed pen options right now is the 510 thread battery. Since they are widely accessible, custom 510 battery bulk packaging could come with sleek designs like cartridge tube labels or child-resistant boxes. We also have a custom cartridge box for display shelves and packaging for individual dab pens.

We'll break down a few of the best options that we have for cart packaging for custom vape pens below:

Custom Cartridge Tube

One of the easiest ways to personalize cartridge tubes is with our custom labels. Cannabis businesses have used the blank canvas to create intricate and attractive designs for their custom vape pens. The tubes can fit a medley of cartridges.

Our design team has substantial experience working with established brands. The team is here to execute your vision for custom vape pens for your business with excellence and precision.

Min. Order: 1 Roll (1,000 units)

Child-Resistant Cartridge Box

Suppose you're seeking a packaging solution for custom vape pens while adhering to strict compliance rules. In that case, child-resistant cartridge boxes are the way to go. It's not only for cartridges or custom dab pens but for practically any other product you want in a box. We strive to satisfy customers with eye-popping designs for high-quality box packaging material between our elite designers and low minimum order quantity.

Min. Order: 3,000 units

Custom Blister Packs

For a larger surface for customized artwork, the blister packs are easily one of the best options available. They stay within most state compliance laws while fitting custom vapes from the 510 thread battery to the AVD battery. Blister packs are standard in every industry, but the cannabis industry uses them for custom cartridge packaging. Our team of brilliant and experienced designers can bring your idea to life and ensure that each personalized vape pen with eye-popping packaging.

Min. Order: 3,200 units

Why Does My Brand Need Custom Dab Pens?

Maintaining compliance and raising brand awareness are among the few reasons why custom dab pens are necessary for today's market.

Despite widespread legalization across the country, there's still a high-risk surrounding fake wax pens on the market. There have been rising concerns in certain pockets of the country surrounding faulty pens from the black market, so stocking up on custom logo vape pen wholesale is necessary. Custom dab cart packaging can quickly help you stand out in the vape market. The familiarity of your brand can not only weed out bad seeds from the industry but ensure reputable brands bring safe and tested products to the market.

Just like putting a company logo on a jar of cannabis, custom vape cartridge packaging is the best way for customers and consumers to recognize and identify your brand. In the world of cannabis, top-quality flower and extracts go a long way with clients. By simply using our options for custom oil cartridge packaging, we can keep you compliant while maintaining your brand's consistent aesthetic.

Let's be honest -- people are keen on having convenience in their life, and the rising use of custom vape cartridges is certified proof. It's an excellent product to add to your collection and make use of excess trim and shake, at least among cannabis producers. And adhering to compliance regulations couldn't be any easier than our options for custom vape cartridge packaging.

How to Get Custom Vapes & Cartridge Packaging

No other online wholesale smoke shop provides quality and quick turnaround times like Marijuana Packaging. Custom vapes and custom cartridge packaging are among the many items available with personalization options on our site.

Our selection of custom vapes for sale includes AVD and 510 thread batteries. The latter of which is typically the most compatible for most batteries. The custom 510 thread battery wholesale option allows for incredible artwork to wrap around the battery, along with space for logo placement. These are available for a minimum order of 1,000 units. There is plenty of customization space with the AVD custom wax pen battery. The black matte plastic works incredibly well with bright whites, reds, and yellows. These custom vape pens for sale are chunkier but compatible with 510 thread cartridges.

Purchasing an order of our custom products, whether batteries or custom cartridge packaging, is as easy as submitting a request for a quote on our website. A representative will call you within 24-48 hours to discuss the inquiry further with you. And suppose you need a design for custom vape pens or custom cartridge packaging. In that case, our design team can quickly bring their expertise to your brand and fulfill your custom vape pen wholesale orders in a speedy process.

Our quick turnaround times for custom vape pens and packaging ensure that your business can move forward swiftly with any testing process before hitting shelves.

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