Causing Excessive Shipping Costs For All Businesses

David Aryan

CEO / Founder

3389 East 50th Street

Vernon, CA 90058

To Our Valued Customers,

The after-effects and ongoing fallout from the pandemic are still being dealt with worldwide. Several industries were hit harder than others, including the shipping sector. This has led to added shipping costs for all businesses.

The pandemic forced many shipping ports to close, causing a build-up of backorders for all types of items, from toothbrushes to school books. The backorders grew to an excessive amount, and the increase in demand paired with a lack in supply caused the cost of transporting cargo containers to skyrocket.

Many countries that were affected by the pandemic are still facing shutdowns that are limiting shipping capabilities. The timing couldn't be worse, and as we head into the fourth quarter of 2021, demand will continue to increase while cargo containers remain limited.

We are working to balance out these costs to keep things reasonably priced for all our customers. However, this is an issue that is affecting every industry. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your business.

David Aryan