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Dab Torch

A butane torch is the best way to elevate your smoke shop or dispensary. When you offer torches for sale, you provide quality torches for those customers who cannot resist a dab. Anyone who enjoys dabs will tell you that a butane torch for dabs is one of the keys to enjoying a dab. That is why it is essential that your business offers top-quality torches for sale! This will establish your business as a reliable place for customers to meet their dab needs!

Butane torches are the perfect tool to add to customers’ smoking accessories, and your business will be their go-to when choosing a dab torch. By offering dab torches, you will expand your customer base and grow your business. This is why it is essential you know everything you can about the best dab torch options! Down below, you’ll find all the information you could want about how to improve the dabbing section of your store.

What Are Dab Torches?

A dab torch is a smoking torch that your customers can use to heat the banger/nail of a dab rig. Once heated, the concentrate can be added and smoked. Using a small dab torch will vastly improve dabbing for customers and are a must-have in your business.

Dab torches can be used for recreational use or medical use, and it is a great idea to offer them in marijuana dispensaries. Both adult-use customers and medical patients use wax, which is why offering dab torches is one of the best things your business can do.

Butane vs. Propane Dab Torches

While propane dab torches do exist and can be used, we highly recommend offering the bulk of your torches with butane. Butane torch for dabs is the best option for several reasons. Butane gas has a more detrimental effect on the flavor of wax, allowing your customers a cleaner and crisper dabbing experience. Propane also burns at a much higher temperature, potentially damaging the banger and the concentrate. Butane flames also have a broader flame so that a butane dab torch can provide a more even burn. All these reasons are why we believe the top torches for dabs use butane.

What Kind of Butane Torches Are Available?

Mini Butane Torches

Mini butane torches often look similar to the size of a BIC lighter. They stand between 3-4.5 inches tall. While this size is small, it is still mighty; mini torches pack a considerable punch. Mini butane torches are perfect for the customer on the go. A mini butane torch can fit easily in pockets, purses, backpacks, and more travel compartments.

Small Butane Torches

A small butane torch for smoking is one of the most standard sizes at 4.5-6 inches. A small butane torch is an excellent addition to any cannabis lover’s display; small torches often have stands that they can rest on. Customers can easily carry a small butane torch, but it also has more visual impact. The small dab blow torch also holds more butane than the mini, which will allow your customer to not worry about constant refills.

Large Butane Torches

Larger butane torches stand from 6 inches and upward. A larger smoke torch is terrific for holding butane and has an extremely long life. The flame can also quickly heat up large bangers. The large lighters are also the best torches for dab rigs for durability.


Butane torches come with fantastic features that will wow in functionality and safety. A dab torch often comes with rubber grips so customers can easily hold the torches. Firm yet comfortable grips are sure to keep customers happy with their torches. No one wants to try lighting their banger and have a torch slip through their fingers, which is why the grip features are such an outstanding feature.

Many of the best butane torches for dabs come with an adjustable flame. Customers will love this feature because it allows them to control the power of the lighter and the heat (we will go into that more in “How To Use Butane Torches for Dabs”). If customers can control the heat distribution of their torches, they will have the best dabbing experience! You can find the best butane torch for dabs right on our website; you won’t find a better dab torch.

Another must-have feature for any torches you sell is safety locks. A child lock mechanism means that these powerful torches will be safe from little ones that might get a little too curious. Customers who are parents and guardians will always buy torches with safety locks over those without, which is why it is crucial to offer them a dab rig torch with this feature.

Butane torches also come with either a straight nozzle or a high angled nozzle. A straight nozzle typically has the ignition button on the side of the top of the torch, while high angled ignition buttons are often positioned at the angle, trigger-style. This feature will depend entirely on your customers’ preferences, so we always recommend you offer both torches for sale.

Customers can easily refill a butane torch. Most customers can simply reload the torches from butane canisters as needed! This feature reduces waste and costs to your customers. It is also why we recommend offering butane canisters at your smoke shop or dispensary so your customers can have the perfect place to get the gas!

A butane torch for dabs can also come with fun features, like multiple colors and designs. Customers will be able to choose the aesthetics of the torches that fit them best, so we recommend offering various colors, from bright colors to neutral silvers, so that your business can reach a more extensive client base.

How To Use Butane Torches for Dabs

How to Use Butane Torches on a Dab Rig

The dab connoisseur customer will love using a wax torch for their dabs. The best dab torch is one that customers can use to heat their dab rigs quickly and to their desired temperature. The control that a dab rig torch provides is optimal because customers will have control over how hot the banger gets. Why does this matter? The heat from the banger will affect the smoking experience.

The ideal high heat from a dab blow torch is between 450 and 600 degrees. The wax will still be flavorful, but customers will quickly and effectively get high, with more significant clouds and a sharper dab.

The ideal low heat for dabbing is 300 to 450 degrees. Low dabbing heat is perfect for customers that want the most flavorful experience they can have, and the wax lasts longer with low banger heat.

Whether customers use a mini dab torch or a large smoke torch, they can heat the banger to just their desire. This is perfect because your customer will have the freedom of deciding what size they want while still being able to get the optimal flame. This will enhance the overall smoking experience and have customers coming back for more from your business.

Extra Uses

While butane torches are the perfect tool for dabs, you can also market some other amazing uses to your customers! A butane torch is an ideal tool for a home cook, browning the top of desserts or dishes, making a delicious patty melt, quickly roasting veggies, and much more.

Torch lighters are also an excellent purchase for any hiker and camper. They start fires quickly and effectively and make any camping experience more comfortable and safe. Depending on the heat needed, some larger torches can even be used in the welding and metal section.

Butane torch for dabs is not only specific to concentrate, and these other examples of uses are bonuses to offering these lighters at your business!

Where to Buy Dab Torches

Okay, we might sound a bit biased here, but there is truly no better place to buy a dab torch than from Marijuana Packaging! We offer a multitude of different torches for sale to fit your business and customer needs. Our torches come from various exceptional torch manufacturers, so you can be assured of the quality of any butane torch you order from us.

Wholesale Dab Torches

Wholesale butane torch for dabs are the best way to stock up for your business, and we offer you the ability to buy a cheap dab torch order. Wholesale gives your business the ability to purchase large quantities at a lower price; this keeps your inventory costs down and allows you to offer the best butane torch for dabs at a low retail cost to your customer. Buying in bulk at wholesale prices is genuinely the best way your business can make money, and Marijuana Packaging is here to help with all your ordering needs!

The Bottom Line

We know you do your due diligence when choosing products for your business. When a customer buys custom lighters, you are building brand recognition and customer loyalty! We can take some of that load off you since we have researched some of the best dab torches. At Marijuana Packaging, we also offer the option for your business to sell a custom lighter; we have a talented team of graphic designers that can produce customer torches for you to sell. We can give you a quick quote about custom torches and would love to work with your brand!

At Marijuana Packaging, we offer fantastic butane torches that your business can offer your customers. This is amazing for any company in the cannabis sector and any smoke store. Dabbing has been an excellent addition to the cannabis community, and by offering torches to customers, you are able to grow that community. When it comes to a butane torch for dabs, we have you covered!

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