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BIC Lighters

Keep your lighters reliable with our selection of BIC lighters. Known for their durability and consistent performance, these lighters are essential for any smoker. Available in a variety of colors and designs at low wholesale prices, you won't be left in the dark with these around.


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BIC Lighters

Lighters are among the most vital products retail outlets should sell, with the BIC lighter being a very popular brand in the market. These lighters are child-resistant and produce a remarkably steady flame, making them ideal for use in numerous places. For this reason, retail outlets, smoke shops, and convenience stores should work to stock up on quality BIC lighter from reputable wholesalers.

What's more, the BIC lighter you purchase should be duly certified. This will ensure that you acquire safe products that meet all industry regulations. It's a step that can help boost your brand's reputation.

Retail shop owners and e-commerce shops must ensure they source BIC lighters in bulk to meet their customers' needs. Fortunately, you can find a wide range of pocket BIC lighters that will appeal to your customers at our store.

What Are BIC Lighters?

A lighter is a portable device that produces a flame that can be used to ignite a variety of items. BIC lighters are predominantly used in the United States, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom. While there are numerous reasons why disposable BIC lighters are immensely successful, their excellent features have distinguished them from the competition.

Every BIC lighter sold at our store is child-resistant, which ensures the safety of the children who happen to come across it. Unlike other products, these intuitive lighters have a two-step ignition system that acts like a child guard to prevent accidental arson. BIC's manufacturers have gone a step further by hiding the operating instructions in the warning label.

Another standout feature of new BIC lighters is their excellent longevity. One lighter can have up to 3,000 lighting cycles, lasting a customer for about five months of daily use.

Furthermore, the BIC lighters for sale at our store produce a steady flame that's usable up to a 45-degree angle. Hence, this makes them ideal for numerous purposes, including lighting candles, fires, camping, and emergency uses. Tokers can also use them as a dab torch to light their cannabis concentrate when utilizing their dab rigs.

What Kind of BIC Lighters Are Available?

Our store carries a wide variety of BIC lighters in bulk. They are essentially categorized either by their color or size. There are two main BIC lighter sizes in our store, small and large BIC lighters. On the other hand, our store also has two principal BIC lighter colors for sale, custom and special edition BIC lighters. Still, you can also get a BIC lighter pack that comes with 50 lighters in assorted solid colors.

Small BIC Lighters

The small BIC lighters are among the fastest-selling lighters in our store due to their portable size. Moreover, despite only being half an inch thick, these lighters can last for a long time. The small BIC lighters wholesale at our store have a 2,200 estimated number of lights before they run out.

Large BIC Lighters

The large BIC lighters we have are the most popular lighters that the company manufactures. These BIC lighters for sale have a fuel capacity of about 4.7 grams which can last for more than 3,000 lights.

When you purchase the BIC lighters wholesale from our store, they also come with a display tray for the countertop of your cannabis dispensary. Online business owners shouldn't feel left out since they can also utilize the trays for an online smoke shop.

Custom BIC lighters

With custom BIC lighters, business owners have the opportunity to use beautiful logo designs to make their products stand out. You can utilize the expertise of our design team to help bring the vision of your custom lighters to life. For this reason, your store can immensely benefit when you purchase BIC lighters bulk from our store.

Special Edition BIC Lighters

Our store also has a variety of special edition lighters from BIC manufacturers to help your customers find a BIC lighter that bests suits them. With new ones coming out each year, your clients will always be excited to see which unique BIC lighters they can acquire.

Does My Business Need BIC Lighters?

In the United States, retailers sell nearly one billion lighters each year. For this reason, all types of retailers ought to source BIC lighters wholesale to ensure they capitalize on this flourishing market. Moreover, lighters are also necessary smoking accessories for smoke shops and cannabis dispensaries since customers can't smoke without them.

In addition, the manufacturer's average retail price on these individual BIC lighters for sale varies, but getting these new BIC lighters is a profitable venture for any retail business. What's more, the features of these torch lighters make them the leading brand in the market. Hence, having them will potentially lure more customers to your store.

Although there are plenty of other lighters in the market, getting a BIC lighter pack will provide a competitive edge for your brand. Not only are these tools inexpensive and profitable, but they are also compliant with all sectors, including the cannabis industry.

Where to Buy BIC Lighters Wholesale

For those who want to purchase BIC lighters bulk or other torch lighters from a reputable wholesaler, we've got you covered. Our store has numerous BIC lighters bulk that will leave your clients spoiled for choice. What's more, there are plenty of perks when you purchase BIC lighters wholesale from our store.

One advantage of sourcing BIC lighters from our store is guaranteed unbeatable prices. You can get cheap BIC lighters from our store to help improve the profitability of your business while still providing quality products to your customers.

Plus, when you purchase bulk BIC lighters for sale or other wholesale products from our store, you have the opportunity to customize them with your brand's logo. It's a step that can help promote your brand, thus setting it apart from other businesses.

There's no denying that lighters are essential products for people nowadays, regardless of whether they smoke or not. Therefore, getting BIC lighters wholesale and other packaging products from a reputable store should be a priority for all retail outlets.

Consumers have become accustomed to BIC lighters due to their innovative and practical applications. For this reason, retail entrepreneurs from all industries are looking to get excellent BIC lighters bulk for their business.

Our store guarantees that you will get BIC lighters bulk with the best prices in the market to help increase your profit margin. Moreover, you can expect unmatched customer service and quick order fulfillment when purchasing BIC lighter pack in bulk from our store.

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