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Printed labels for jars are a common sight. They typically feature a logo, information, and even protection against light affecting the product inside. For cannabis products, jar labels often need to serve an additional safety function. Marijuana Packaging can not only help meet your tamper-evident jar label needs, but we can also offer customizable options.

In many states, tamper-evident labels for jars are a requirement for all cannabis products. Often, it's also an excellent way to build trust and protect consumers. Marijuana Packaging can help you take an everyday necessity and turn it into an artistic luxury.

If you want to take your custom labels for jars to the next level, we can partner you with an in-house designer to make your vision for branded custom jar labels into a reality.

We can create custom labels for jars that include logos, product information, or any other artistic ideas.

What Are Tamper-Evident Labels?

Tamper-evident or tamper-proof are interchangeable terms for safety seals for jars. Tamper-proof labels for jars show clear evidence to the consumer when someone has opened or attempted to open one of your custom jars.

Tamper-evident labels for jars are mandated for many products. A familiar example of tamper-evident packaging is the airtight beverage cap that pops up after it is first opened. Recently, custom tamper-proof stickers have become more commonplace.

In addition to tamper-proof jar labels, Marijuana Packaging offers a wide selection of custom tamper-proof stickers. If someone attempts to open anything secured with your custom jar seal labels or sticker seals for jars, there will be obvious signs of tampering.

The tamper seals for jars alert any intended consumer that the product has been tampered with and could be unsafe to use. Our custom labels for jars help maintain the quality and freshness of the products.

Packaging with tamper labels for jars ensures the safety and quality of your product. They preserve the quality from external conditions and tamper-evident printed labels for jars and adhere to federal, state, and local packaging laws and regulations.

Customers want to buy safe-to-use products. Tamper-proof custom jar labels demonstrate your concern for their well-being.

A tamper-evident bag, paper tube, or a jar secured with a tamper-proof, child-resistant lid demonstrates a commitment to safety. It creates brand loyalty, which translates to repeat purchases and increased sales.

Our inventory of custom labels for jars features a wide range of styles and colors to meet all your packaging and marketing needs. Innovative logo designs and specific custom made glass jar labels choices are essential to elevating and upgrading your product above your competitors. Your input for visual design all combines to send a solid impression to your customers.

What Kind of Tamper-Evident Jar Labels Can I Get?

Our cannabis packaging design options for custom jar labels are extensive. We also offer multiple choices for tamper-evident, compliant custom logo stickers. And we have a variety of weed labels for different states such as,

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Oklahoma
  • Canada

From printed designs, die cuts, matte/gloss finishes, and many other customizations, we're sure to bring you exactly what you need for your brand to succeed.

How to Get Tamper-Evident Jar Labels

Contact our team of experienced graphic designers specializing in looking beyond a generic pot leaf logo to craft excellent business labels for jars. They are eager to take your idea and execute it to perfection.

Even if you don't have anything specific in mind, they can help craft a solution to make you happy. Visit our site for all possible custom labels for jars options.

When choosing sticker labels for jars, great design and customization can catch a consumer's eye across the store, and good packaging helps build the best retail presence. Marijuana Packaging is determined to be your first and best choice for customized, tamper-evident jar stickers.

No matter how good your product is, it needs quality, eye-catching, compliant packaging to stand out from the crowd. High-quality customized packaging makes your customers seek out your product above all others.

Where To Buy Tamper Evident Labels Wholesale

You can be sure to find the child-resistant or tamper-evident packaging you need on our site, in addition to custom labels for jars.

Marijuana Packaging has a team of experts with extensive industry knowledge. Buying tamper-resistant labels wholesale from Marijuana Packaging gives you access to this knowledgeable support staff and our Price Beat Guarantee that ensures you get the best custom labels for jars at the lowest price.

You can also rely on our design team to add custom logos and branding to your wholesale jar stickers. You can request a quote for customization if your preferred design is not listed on our website. Reach out with any questions regarding our wholesale tamper-evident jar labels and stickers.

Minimum Quantity: 1 Roll (1,000 Units)

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