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Plastic Grinder

The plastic grinder has become a very indispensable item in the marijuana industry. This comes as no surprise since the plastic weed grinder has proven to be an essential part of marijuana preparation. Recently, a good number of cannabis consumers have started to add kief when preparing their cannabis.

Kief is the pollen-like material found on the marijuana plant. The three-chamber plastic grinder allows the separation of kief crystals from the dried marijuana. It's a feature that gives smokers the liberty to choose whether to include the highly potent kief in their marijuana smoking. Hence, the plastic grinder offers smokers the opportunity to customize their kush for a better smoking experience.

There are different types of weed grinders in the cannabis industry. The predominantly used ones are the metal and plastic herb grinder. However, you can also find the equally amazing acrylic grinder. The plastic herb grinder can be classified based on the number of compartments it contains. They can be categorized as 2-piece grinders, 3 piece plastic grinders, and 4-piece grinders.

Finding a store that offers wholesale plastic grinders is quite easy nowadays. The emergence of online wholesale stores has made it convenient for marijuana companies to acquire wholesale products. It's important to choose a reputable supplier to avoid purchasing substandard products. A good way of achieving this is by looking at the track record of the online store.


What Is A Plastic Grinder?

A plastic grinder is a small container that is used to granulate dried marijuana into small particles to make it easy to smoke. The plastic grinder with kief catcher does so by using the teeth pegs it has to break up the dried marijuana. The plastic weed grinder contains 3 basic components. These include a grinding chamber, grinding pegs, and a lid that helps in containing the fine cannabis particles. Although using the plastic weed grinder is quite simple, it's important to know how to use it effectively.

How To Use A Plastic Grinder

The Process of using a clear plastic grinder is quite straightforward. Nevertheless, it still requires skill to produce the finest kief. Here's how you can effectively use the acrylic grinder.

Step 1

The first step involves removing the clear plastic grinder lid. This will expose the protruding teeth of the grinder. The teeth play a key role in grinding the flower.

Step 2

This step involves breaking the bud and distributing it evenly on the teeth-like pegs. It is recommended not to fill the acrylic grinder beyond what it can handle. This will help to ensure that spillage of contents or breakage of the clear plastic grinder is not experienced as the lid is rotated.

Step 3

Grinding takes place in this step. After the plastic grinder is filled its lid is placed back on and is rotated to grind the contents as the bottom of the other container is held by the other hand. The lid should be rotated until there is little to no resistance. This reassures you that the grinding process is complete.

Step 4

The final step involves removing the shredded marijuana from the plastic weed grinder. The cannabis consumer would then choose a suitable way of ingesting the ground kush.


What Types Of Plastic Weed Grinders Are Available?

The plastic weed grinder comes in different shapes and sizes. While the choice of the particular plastic weed grinder is left to the consumer’s preference, it is important to note that some plastic grinder containers offer added functionality.

Types Of Plastic Weed Grinder

Classified based on the number of their compartments, the wholesale plastic grinders are typically grouped into 3 as highlighted in the introduction. Here's an in-depth look at the different categories of types of the clear plastic grinder.  

2 Piece Grinder

The 2 piece plastic grinder can be said to be the most basic type of weed grinder. It is made up of a lid and a small bowl. This type of small plastic grinder derives its name from the 2 components that form it. Another name given to this mini plastic grinder is a single chamber grinder. This is because when the lid and bowl are put together, they form one single compartment.

3 Piece Grinder

This 3 piece plastic grinder can be considered an upgrade to the 2 piece plastic grinder container. Unlike the previously mentioned mini plastic grinder, this particular type has an added component that is placed at the base of the bowl. The component that is added to the 3-piece plastic grinder is known as the collection chamber. The bowl of the grinder has holes that will allow nugs to fall into the collection chamber which can be unscrewed for the collection of your ground kush.

4 Piece Grinder

The 4 part plastic grinder is the most advanced of the three wholesale plastic containers. It provides more functionality for marijuana grinding. In addition to having a collection chamber, it also has a kief chamber. The collection chamber of the plastic weed grinder has a mesh on its bottom part that facilitates the collection of kief.


Does My Smoke Shop Need Plastic Herb Grinders?

The cannabis community is always looking for quality when it comes to kush products. The majority of cannabis consumers strive to have the best smoking experience. This presents a great opportunity for any online smoke shop to capitalize on these needs.

An example of such a product is the plastic tube grinder. The plastic herb grinder can crush flowers into finer particles which improve the quality and taste of the marijuana. We sell the best plastic grinder in the market. Hence, you can rest easy knowing you are purchasing quality products.

You can also give your brand more exposure by purchasing custom grinders for weed. Consider going custom to elevate your business to the next level and there's better place to do it than Marijuana Packaging! In addition, here's how your head shop can benefit when you purchase wholesale plastic grinders from our store.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing The Plastic Herb Grinder In Bulk


When a person uses the plastic herb grinder to crush their marijuana, it becomes more potent as the particles become finer. Hence, it provides more hits when it is smoked. Additionally, the use of the small plastic grinder helps to create fine cannabis powder that burns evenly. Considering the numerous benefits of the acrylic grinder, any head shop that stocks wholesale plastic grinders stand to benefit greatly.

Easy To Transport

Wholesale plastic grinders are generally light. This is quite advantageous in various ways. Purchasing wholesale plastic grinders can save your business a lot of money. The feathery weight of the plastic grinder reduces their transportation cost. Ultimately, this would help your business reinvest the extra money that you would have saved.


Where To Buy Plastic Grinders Wholesale

The cannabis industry keeps growing as each day passes. Thus, the recreational use of marijuana is at an all-time high. Any prudent CBD dispensary should capitalize on this. It's a move that would enable them to offer their customers the products they want. Any online headshop can have a look at the plastic grinders for sale and other packaging items offered at our store.

We are customer-centric and your needs are our top priority. One of our main goals is to support the growth of every smoke store. Thus, all our products have been fairly priced to ensure every online headshop is profitable. Be sure to visit our store when you're looking for the 3 piece plastic grinder or any other wholesale products.

Plastic Grinder - The Bottom Line

Our store has a ton of industry experience. Our track record outperforms many wholesale stores in the cannabis industry. This has largely been contributed by the immense advantages we offer to smoke shops. The vast collection of products makes it convenient to shop at our store. Whether it's a metal grinder, Medtainer grinder, or the hemp plastic grinder, you can be sure of finding the products you are looking for.

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