Glass Hand Pipes

Step into the world of elegance with our glass hand pipes. Each piece we offer blends durability with intricate artistry, ensuring a lasting visual appeal. Available in an array of colors and shapes, these stylish pieces are yours to own at unbeatable wholesale prices.


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Marley Natural | Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Long - Glass - Black Walnut - 1Marley Natural | Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Long - Glass - Black Walnut - 2

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Frit Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Knocker | 4in Long - Glass - Milky Pink - 1Frit Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Knocker | 4in Long - Glass - Milky Pink - 2
Frit Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Knocker
Milky Pink

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Glass Pipes

We have the most extensive glass pipes collection of any online wholesale glass pipes bulk shop that features hundreds of options to choose from. As wholesale suppliers, we ensure our availability is never limited and provide all the most popular styles, as well as one of a kind glass pipes with abstract designs.

Our inventory ranges from cute animal glass pipes to crazy glass pipes with color changing fumed glass designs. Glass pipes are a modern innovation of the 20th century, first patented in 1977 according to Leafbuyer, and were originally used as glass tobacco pipes but then they quickly took the cannabis industry by storm. Glass blowing is a complicated and intricate process, not to mention hazardous, that has become a highly prominent artform for creating a wide range of smoking accessories. Nowadays, you can find a cheap glass smoking pipe at almost any local headshop or smoke shop. However, there are high end glass hand pipes that can be insanely costly depending on the intricacy of the design, the materials used, and the artist or brand behind the creation.

Ever since blowing glass pipes took on a resurgence in cannabis culture, glass pipes have been the most frequently used and most popular smoking apparatus among consumers. With so many different techniques being developed, glass blowers are in high demand and because it is such a hard skill to master, there is still a lot of opportunity for the market to evolve. As it stands, the glass market is currently split between automated mass-produced glass pipes and custom hand blown glass pipes.


Different Glass Pipe Styles

For many cannabis consumers, glass hand pipes have become a status symbol depending on how their pricing or how elaborate their embellishments are. We have striven to curate a broad scope of hand blown glass pipes sold in bulk so we can continuously provide the very best selection to glass pipe wholesale distributors and retailers across the country. Below, you’ll find a rundown of some of our top selling glass pipes for sale and their favorable features that make them so loved. As every stoner knows, a glass pot pipe is one of the best and most convenient smoking accessories - they’re trusty sidekicks and convenient personalized smoking apparatuses.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t also mention our wooden weed pipes, because they’re also fantastic pipe options. Wooden pipes offer an old school vibe to those who cherish the old ways, the outdoors, fine craftsmanship, or all of the above. One of the only downsides of wooden pipes is that they can be more difficult to clean than glass pipes, but if you stay on top of it, you can keep a wooden pipe alive for years. If you’re worried about staying on top of it, an easy clean glass pipe is probably the best option for you.

Glass Spoon Pipes

Smokers love spoon pipes because they are crafted for user friendliness and comfortability, able to fit snuggly in the palm of your hand. We have an eclectic amount of glass blown designs, including multi fumed, speckled, fritted, spiraled, double and triple blown, and more!

The glass smoking bowl varies in size on these small glass pieces for sale, but it’s usually enough for about half a gram of ground flower, which can give you about four to five amazing puffs of your heady flower - perfect for solo tokes or sharing between friends.

Glass Water Pipes

If you're looking for a glass weed pipe that incorporates water for smoother puffs, we have several options, such as glass hammer bubblers, glass sherlock bubblers, and glass double bubbler water pipes. Not only do these glass smoking pipe varieties provide cooling water filtration for less harsh and better tasting hits, but they often have incredibly detailed and multi-dimensional glass blown artwork. A water pipe is the perfect smoking glassware for anyone who’s never been a big fan of smoke hitting their throat and lungs but who still enjoys the beneficial effects from inhaling cannabis.

Glass Sherlock Pipe

A Sherlock pipe, named for the famed detective’s favorite smoking apparatus, is one of the classiest glass pipe smoking accessories, but they were originally made from wood and you'll still find many wooden Sherlock pipe styles (including in our collection). But when they are made from glass there is an extra flare of elegance and sophistication that accompanies these stunning glass smoking pipes for sale. In fact, we even have two show stopping versions of the glass sherlock equipped with extra elongated stems, which are known throughout the cannabis community as glass Gandalf pipes. Although Sherlocks were originally tobacco pipes, and there are many glass tobacco pipes in this style today, they’ve become quite prevalent in the cannabis community.

Glass Steamroller

This glass smoking bowl style is reputable for its durability. Steamroller glass pipes are routinely made with thick borosilicate glass that’s formed into a single chamber design, resulting in strong, hard to break designs. Our glass steamroller pipes come in a range of sizes, from a mini 3.5-inch all the way up to 9 inches. Despite the seemingly simplistic appearance, the steamroller glass bowl pipe delivers powerful and heady hits that can sometimes have novices flattened into the couch, much like a real steamroller powerfully flattens surfaces everyday.

Glass Chillum Pipe

This mini glass pipe style is one of the most reliably portable and discreet glass smoking pipe designs because they can easily be stowed away and hidden from view. Often referred to as a glass one hitter, this tubular glass weed pipe is created to produce strong hits while using less marijuana when packing a bowl. A glass chillum hits the trifecta of convenience because it is easy to load, easy to spark and smoke, and easy to clean. As anyone who’s ever used a glass weed pipe knows all too well, keeping a clean glass pipe is not often easy, especially if you’re lazy about sanitizing it. But the chillum glass pipes for sale in our collection are notoriously easy to clean because of their simplistic structure.

Animal Glass Pipes

Lovers of novelty pieces often have at least one animal-themed glass bowl pipe in their personal collections because of their cute depictions, which notably include popular and adorable animals such as elephants, lizards, octopi, turtles, frogs, and countless others. Hand blown glass pipes in the shape of animals are particularly impressive because of the intricate work it takes to make them into functional smoking glassware. We have animal-shaped glass pipes for sale in a range of popular styles, including spoons, bubblers, sherlocks, and chillums.


Everything You Need to Know About Glass Pipes

When picking out which bulk glass hand pipes will best serve your needs and attract consumers when they search “glass pipes near me,” it is important to consider several aspects beyond just appearance before making a purchase. Factors to consider will include the quality of the glass, thickness, size, functionality, exclusivity, and, of course, price. We are a premier provider of wholesale smoke shop supplies because we ensure all our products are made with top grade materials, and our wholesale glass pipes and bongs collection is no exception.

  • Flavor - Glass pipes for smoking weed are inert, meaning there is no risk of them leaching chemicals or bacteria into the flower your customers (or you) put into the glass smoking bowl of any one of our glass pieces. This ensures that your top-shelf strains will retain their qualities, producing entirely pure, dank aromas and flavors.
  • Aesthetic Appeal - Our glass smoking pipes for sale are incredibly beautiful, artistic, intricate, unique, and enticing. Because everyone has varying aesthetic preferences, and stoners are known for being particularly particular about their smoking session aesthetics, we make it a point to continuously stock various and diverse glass weed pipe styles.


    No matter what your customers are into, whether it’s a glass pipe they can wear as a bracelet or a heady dinosaur shaped glass water pipe, we can help you line your shelves with the very best of the best. Oh, and that includes incredibly simple glass bowl pipe styles for the lovers of uncomplicated designs.

  • Fragility - Some say the only downside to glass herb pipes is their risk of shattering, but with proper care and attention a glass pipe will last for years. Not to mention, many thick glass hand pipes are so well-made that they’re very hard to break unless you straight up throw them on the ground. Additionally, when cleaning a glass bowl pipe it can be easy to be too rough. Just be cautious when scraping out resin and shaking the cleaning solution inside and you should be just fine.

    Versatility - Glass is the only material capable of being forged into all of the pipe styles, including the Sherlock pipe, hammer pipe, bubbler, steamroller, one hitter chillums, and many more. Glass’ versatility is one of the biggest reasons why it’s one of the most popular pipe materials.

  • Recyclability - Glass is one of the most recyclable materials in the world, meaning glass pipes are fully recyclable. So if they tragically brake or have reached the end of their life you can feel confident about recycling them with the rest of your regular glass recycling. But be sure to remove any lingering residue from your glass smoking pipe beforehand just as you rinse out the milk jug before tossing it in the bin.

The best glass pieces are designed with all of the above standard features/aspects, which honestly isn’t that hard to achieve so long as the manufacturer cares about the work they’re putting out. If they don’t, that’s when you’ll come across breakable, short-lived glass pieces weed pipes and bongs. But thankfully, every single glass weed pipe in our collection comes from quality manufacturers that have our professional seal of approval.


The Best Glass Pipes to Smoke Weed

Don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with simple, neutral, uncomplicated glass spoon pipes or glass tobacco pipes - that’s why we have so many of them in our wholesale glass pipes bulk collection. But there’s definitely something to be said for unique, enticing, personalized, hand blown glass pipes, as well. Everything in our lives is customized to our preferences, from our phone cases to our water bottles to our steering wheel adjustment. Why shouldn’t your glass bowl piece be customized in the same way? Let’s check out some of the coolest glass pipes for sale in our vast collection.

Glow in the Dark Glass Pipes

Integrating phosphorescent elements into glass pipe smoking pieces is a stunning scientific feat, one that can create a magical effect when paired with the psychoactive herbs inhaled through bulk glass pipes. To create the celestial glowing effect, phosphor dust, or what we like to call “glow powder,” is poured into the molten glass before being sculpted into its desired glass bowl pipe shape. The best thing about this amazing glass smoking bowl design is it isn’t necessarily more expensive to create a glow in the dark glass piece pipe than a regular glass pipe, so anyone can afford and enjoy these beautiful glass hand pipes.

Heady Glass Pipes

What is heady glass you ask? This refers to the most artistic and complex form of glass blowing that currently exists within the industry, and “heady” is often reserved for smoking glassware in the cannabis industry, although you will find heady glass tobacco pipes out there, too. Heady pieces are highly sought after because they are traditionally custom hand blown glass pipes, which significantly raises their value. Some heady glass herb pipes are considered so priceless that they end up being collectors' items and may never even be taken off the shelf in an effort to preserve their flawless, clean glass pipe condition.

Novelty Glass Bowl Pipe Designs

Most novelty glass pipes for sale can actually be considered heady glass pipes, but “novelty” refers to originality, unusuality, creativity, and intricacy. “Heady” can refer to bulky, complicated wholesale glass pipes and bongs exploding with colors, shapes, knockers, and more. These include glass pipe smoking designs like our Metallic Coated Elephant Head Hand Pipe, our Angled Neck Crystal Skull Head Glass Water Pipe, and our ever-popular Pickle Rick Steamroller Hand Pipe w/ Multi Knockers - all of which are under $16.00 per unit despite their unique and intricate designs. These bulk glass pipes tend to resonate with people when they come across them in smoke and headshops.


Where Can I Buy Glass Pipes Wholesale?

If you’re wondering where to buy glass pipes, including the very best discount glass pipes on the market (that retain the quality and functionality of elaborate, pricey pipes), look no further. We’re the #1 one stop shop for glass pipes out of all the other glass pipe wholesale distributors - there’s just no question about it. With hundreds of heady, novelty, simplistic, custom, cost-effective glass smoking pipes for sale, how could we not be #1? If you're still not convinced, perhaps our ultra-fast shipping (same day, in some local cases) and price beat guarantee will help make up your mind.

We have curated (and continuously curate) the most versatile selection of glass pipes - more eclectic, reliable, and affordable than any other online glass pipe store. Our cheap glass pipes are high quality despite their low pricing, plus they’re visually appealing, optimized for functionality, and, when well maintained, can last for years on end. When you place a bulk glass smoking pipe order with us, you are proactively ensuring your marijuana accessories business stays ahead of consumer trends while saving money in the process.

When tokers and smokers in your area search for “glass pipes near me,” they’ll see that your shop carries a wide, diverse, and interesting weed pipe selection that blows other local shops out of the water - all thanks to the fact that you chose to buy glass pipes from us here at Marijuana Packaging. We take great pipe in our glass smoking bowl collection and love working with companies like yours to find you the very best pieces for your local crew of partakers. We also want to shout out the incredible artists who have perfected hand blowing glass pipes - our collection, and the world of smoking weed, wouldn’t be the same without them.

Glass Pipes - The Bottom Line

For smoke and headshop owners, the bottom line is that a glass bowl piece collection is 100% essential to your business’ success. The classic glass piece pipe is the most common smoking apparatus among cannabis consumers, which makes sense because they’re so darn convenient and easy to use. No matter what kind of smoking accessory shop you operate, stocking at least a handful of glass pipes should be a no-brainer decision.

But for serious smoke shop and especially headshop owners, it’s crucial to stock a wide variety of glass smoking pipes that will meet the various needs and interests of your diverse customers. That’s why we have all of the general glass pipe accessories and smoking accessories you’ll ever need for your shop (or for your personal use!). And, as we may have mentioned, all of our pipes can be used as glass tobacco pipes, too - it’s just that the nature of our work surrounds cannabis, which is why we’re always calling them weed pipes.

Since you own a smoke shop, it might be safe to assume that you yourself are a smoker of some type. If that sounds like you, you probably have your own preferences when it comes to smoking pieces and methods, and you’re probably pretty specific about. By shopping our eclectic collection, you give your customers the opportunity to be just as preferential when they’re choosing their dream smoking pipes.

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